Going Down

It’s July 25.  One of my students really gets into the Christmas in July spirit and brings a box of “Christmas” chocolates to share with us. It gives Wednesday a totally festive feel!

There’s lots of stuff to celebrate at work today and the Feeder Programme  is going from strength to strength! One of my colleagues has a birthday and  announces her engagement! How’s that for a double whammy?! Of course, I’ve come prepared with my Thermie-Conventional Best Coconut Butter Cake with Coconut  Ice Frosting. The cake is mixed courtesy of the thermie, baked in the oven and then topped off by my own fair hands. It’s very well received by the birthday girls (another colleague had a birthday on Saturday,) and the rest of the office. If they’re happy. I’m happy.

It may be “Christmas” in July but our Christmas tree is going down, down, down. We’ve basked in it’s glory for almost a full month but it’s days are done. It’s only a temporary separation because after all, what goes down must go up. That’s true for the tree. I’ll be loving it all over again in December!