The Empty Nest

It’s a sad day today. Our visitors are leaving. I’m seriously sad but I hold it together for a fond farewell at the train station and as soon as the train pulls away, the waterworks are on! We take the nana trolley with us, so we go for the groceries on the way home, but there’s no putting off the inevitable, eventually we come home and… it’s empty. And it sucks. I wish I had a time machine so I could turn back time and have our time together all again but I can’t. I’ll treasure the memories we made together instead.

I decide to get busy in the kitchen to take my mind off my ENS (Empty Nest Syndrome.) First off, I want to start eating healthy so I magic up some Moroccan Lentil Soup  which is mind blowingly good. I love it. This is my new favourite soup! I’m pretty excited about my Thermomix demo tomorrow and I don’t want my guests to go home hungry so I throw together some of the yummy Cheesy Quinoa Bites. They’re as good as I remember. Healthy and  delicious. A double whammy!

Then it’s time to battle the bulge at the gym but it’s not just what you do with your body that counts, it’s what you put in it! So tonight we try Fish and Chips with a hint of healthiness! Lemon Scented Fish and Chips goes down a treat and the green vegetable puree is particularly tasty. Even David, who usually has an aversion to anything that looks green and/or healthy, loves it! It’s fast, it’s fabulous and a great way to boost your 5-a-day.

Then it’s early to bed, because I’m early to rise, I’m going to run a half marathon!