Family fun, run and sun!

So much for having a rest, Sunday is fast and furious! We pop over to see Ryan, Kari and the kids who are back from their holidays. It seems like we haven’t seen them for ages, so it’s fun to catch up.

We swing by the supermarket on the way home and I am magnetically attracted to the new Australian Women’s Weekly One Pot Dinners cookbook. I have to have it and march to the cash desk with the book as if pulled by a magnetic field. I take a sneak peek at the book on the way home and the recipes are so delicious I work up quite an appetite.

I’m planning to go to the gym to throw some weights around in a pump class but the weather today is so glorious it would be rude not to run outside. I chuck on my running shoes,  pop around the block and feel totally awesome. The more I run, the more I love it. This running lark is highly addictive!

I’m loving my slow cooker this week – I love just chucking the stuff in there and leaving it to cook to perfection. Tonight I can’t wait to throw some of that hot ‘n’ smoky Chipotle paste into the  Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Stew. The chipotle paste adds a subtle smokiness to the dish and we lap it up. It’s not seriously spicy so I add some jalapenos on the side to heat things up! Aye Carumba!