A Home Run

My mission today should I choose to accept it, is to run home. I don’t really want to but I know that I need to… for a whole host of reasons. First off, it’s good time management. I can run home from the office, door to door, faster than if I take the train. Secondly, it’s enviromentally friendly and will reduce the size of my carbon footprint. Thirdly, and perhaps, best of all, it will make me work hard and feel good. At 7km and with an undulating course – it’s perfect mini-half marathon training!

I’m always a bit scared of the run home, because although scenic, it’s also pretty steep in places, and hills are just so not my thang. However, I realise today, that it’s just mind over matter. It’s not my legs that think it’s hard, it’s my head,  and once I get into the right head space, I can find my happy pace, whether I’m running up a hill or down it.

In fact, I make it home in record time and am at something of a loose end. I have some mince in the freezer and decide there’s no time like the present to make some of those delicious Meat Pies. They really are a treat to eat but I had forgotten what a pain they are to prepare. They seem to take forever and when they finally come out of the oven, they’re looking fantastic and I’m feeling frazzled. They’ll freeze fabulously so they’re going straight into the freezer so that some night in the not too distant future we can have a super, speedy supper.

Lucky then that  for dinner tonight, we have a pie that I prepared earlier, the delicious Slow Cooker Chicken, Leek and Parsley Pie which cooks to perfection after it’s little sojourn in the freezer! Pie-style carb loading, I’m loving it!