All Appliance Saturday

Today, I’m going to enjoy a little of what I fancy and I don’t waste any time! I’m up bright and early and stretch my legs with a 5km rock around the block before hitting the scales hard with a weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I’m making up for lost time as I didn’t make it to a Weigh Day last month, but I’m not losing weight, I’m gaining it, albeit 300g! I’ll do my damnedest to run it off tomorrow!

We spend the morning hanging out with Kari and Tommy for coffee and enjoying the Winter sunshine, before getting jolly with the trolley in the supermarket. Back at the ranch, I make up for lost time in the kitchen, starting off by adapting my first regular recipe in the Thermomix. My Weight Watching Pumpkin Soup a la Thermie comes out better than ever. I’m impressed! I’ve got some yoghurt in the fridge that has to be put to good use, and what better way, than with Donna Hay’s Lemon Yoghurt Cake? It’s just too easy and too delicious. In an effort to use every appliance in the kitchen, I also chuck some Indian Pumpkin Curry into the slow cooker. It’s the perfect recipe for my surplus pumpkin and it freezes fabulously, so will make a lovely lunch or speedy supper in the not too distant future.

After almost two months of gathering dust, I finally get to grips with my counselling course; not only do I open my books, but I also start to study them! It’s a revelation. I may not have made great inroads into the material, but I have made a start, and it feels good. Onwards and upwards!

I’m pumped about my 13km Pub2Pub Run tomorrow but I decide to go slow this evening. Dinner is Pancetta-Wrapped Fish with Lemony Potatoes. Smart but simple and only one dish to wash up! That means less time in the kitchen, and more time on the sofa!