Another Day, Another Visitor

Waking up in the wee hours is turning out to be a daily occurence. The novelty has definitely worn off! I’m not sure whether tonight this is due to the lovely white wine imbibed last night, the excitement about Sarah arriving this morning, or a potent combination of both!

Sarah arrives just before 7am and by the time I find her, I don’t know who is more tired, me or she! I’m lucky to have found her at all, if the truth be told, as I give her the wrong address, and she ends up a few streets away! Thank heavens for patient taxi drivers, GPS and the wind at my heels. I eventually locate my visitor and so the adventure begins…

After an epic 24 hour journey, poor Sarah is pretty pooped, but I think I can give her jetlag a run for it’s money! My batteries are definitely running low! After a little breakfast excursion, we return home to rest, relax and recharge at Sarah’s request! This is just what the doctor, never mind about the visitor, ordered! While Sarah struggles to stay awake, I veg out on the sofa and plough my way through back episodes of Masterchef All Stars – and it’s a wrap. I’ve watched the whole caboodle and loved it all!

The  all singing all dancing Masterchef cooking creations inspire me to get my wiggle on in the kitchen. I have a guest and a husband that need to be fed! Tonight I’m plumping for the healthy but hearty option with another batch of that Kumara Shepherd’s Pie which miraculously gives Sarah the enormous energy boost that she needs! She does a grand job in the staying awake stakes and then hits the hay just after 8, and I won’t be far behind her!