Into the Spin of Things

It’s back at work and back to reality today after a whole 7 days of fun and frolics. It must be true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder, because I’m genuinely excited about being back at work.  It’s like a happy homecoming and I enjoy the time with  all my wonderful colleagues and all the lovely students. It’s like being back in the bosom of my working family! I’m back in business with my old class – how I’ve missed them!

Sarah and I spend some time working off our weekend excesses. We’re turning into a right pair of Sporty Spices, but nices! Sarah gets into the spin of things with another class at the gym  and I clock up another 9km running round the harbour! Just think, next time I run this route, it will be as part of the Half Marathon! It’s my last distance run before race day so I go hard and fast, and achieve a new Personal Best! What a way to start the week!

At home, we carb load with gusto. I dig out those Cottage Pies from the freezer and top them with some more of the more-ish mash hot from the thermie. They taste too good! After dinner, we bedazzle Sarah with some more thermomix magic and conjure up some awesome Orange Sorbet in minutes, from some icing sugar, ice, 2 oranges and an egg white! Ice magic!