Bumper Tuesday

My endorphins are running wild after my morning pump class, but my mood gets even merrier at work when I find time to share the Bumper Oat Cookies. The morning after the night before, they are deliciously chewy and even though they look a bit black, they don’t taste the least bit burnt! How can something that looks so bad, taste so right? I love how every mouthful has a  surprise; sweet, syrupy or just fantastically fruity.

Sometimes size does matter, and these cookies are so ginormous that I have enough to share with all the admin, and the teaching staff! I feel like my bounty of bumper cookies is like the bread and fishes, they seem to keep going, and going and going! Hooray – twice as many happy faces. I go for a hat trick of cookie love when I pop out in the afternoon and give some of those giant discs of oaty goodness to my homeless friend. Yes, giving is good.