Jelly Legs

Ouch! Kathy works me like a Trojan in training today and I wobble home with jelly legs. Sometimes, I think if she was my friend, she wouldn’t make me hurt this much, but then I remember, it’s because  she’s my friend, that she hurts me this much! If it’s hurting, it’s working… Try telling that to my legs!

I wobble my way through the day and reward myself for my morning efforts with an afternoon glass of liquid refreshment and a quick  catch up with Jane. We stop off at the bar at the Radisson which is conveniently located next to our office, just aswell, because I can’t walk much further! We marvel at how we have never popped in before, it being so comfortable (think outsize armchairs,) convenient (so near,) and so courteous (terrific table service – very leg saving!) We can’t stay long today, but just like the Terminator, we’ll be back!

I get my wiggle on in the kitchen when I get home. Luckily, I’m one step ahead with dinner as I have defrosted the Slow Cooker Chicken and Leek and Parsley Pie which will go down a treat. Meanwhile, I try my hand at the Luscious Lemon Baked Cheesecake. Probably the easiest cheesecake in the world. Let’s hope it’s the tastiest! We’ll find out tomorrow when Simon and Takashi come for dinner!