Blessings Bonanza

Count your blessings!

Yesterday was a bit of a crapper if  the truth be told. I had one of those white noise headaches (not cripplingly bad, but bad enough) and as much energy as a dead battery. It reminded me of those not so heady days without drugs and without a thyroid. Still, it wasn’t all bad. I didn’t cat yawn. And for that I shall be thankful.

I went to bed early, then laid awake for hours, and finally tossed and turned through the Land of Nod, only to wake before dawn. I still feel a tad under par but decide to seize the moment and go out for a run. Running always makes me feel better. And, today is no exception.

Yesterday has gone, it wasn’t wasted as such, I did after all have a well needed sojourn on the sofa… but today I will choose to count my blessings and not my problems. There is always a flip side!

1. Bird Poop. Can you believe a bird pooped on me while I was running? The up side is he hit my hand and not my hair, and I do believe (rightly or wrongly,) that bird poop is generally considered to be lucky when it lands on you. What an auspicious start to the day!

2. Go Green. I am juicing like it is going out of fashion. Today, I start the week as I mean to go on – healthy, healthy, healthy. Today I  juice myself happy with a green glass of cucumber, celery, apple, mint and ginger. I can only describe it as an acquired taste. My tastebuds may not be loving it so much, but my insides are jumping with joy!

Thermomix Cucumber, Apple and Celery Juice

3. The Feeder Programme goes healthy. We have a bumper batch of Pumpkin Hummus  in the fridge. David and I know our limitations where chickpeas and jalapenos are combined and concerned, so today the Feeder Programme goes healthy, when I share this healthy and nutritious snack with the girls at work. Eating healthy is well-thy!

4. Wet and Wild. I don’t really think the wet look is in this year and it certainly hasn’t done my hair any favours. I look like a wild thing! But on the flip side, at least my herbs are happy. Think of the time, energy, and water,  I have saved not having to water them today.

5. Bean Bonanza. I have been looking for pinto beans everywhere. I had all but given up of ever finding them  but find them quite by chance in a little supermarket after work.  I am about as excited about my Pinto beans, as Jack was about his magic ones. My enthusiasm may be misplaced, but I just can’t help myself because now I have everything I need for tonight’s feast of a fiesta Mexican Chicken Stew with Quinoa and Beans.

What a bonanza of blessings! Too often we’re looking for these big blasts of happiness, but sometimes it’s those little moments of meaning that really count!