Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Create

So for what seems like forever, poor David has been slaving away into the night and through weekends to give the blog an extreme makeover.

It was all hands on deck, we engaged the help of the lovely Marita from Adelphi Mou who designed the logo and did a sterling job, I’m sure you will agree.

We were going great guns. Remember how I wrote here about how David got so close  to the pointy end of the technological facelift and then he went to  Stroke City.

And then having an all singing and  all dancing blog didn’t seem that important anymore.

He who has health has everything. A fancy pants blog would be nice but it kind of slipped down the list of priorities.

As David health has much improved and he headed back to Technology Town, the bloggy makeover has been so close I can almost taste it. Patience has never been my strong point and neither has technological awareness, so every five minutes, I ask  is it ready yet? To which the patient reply is always, not quite. But soon.

Far out brussel sprout, soon was starting to feel like forever and then this happened.

As if by magic, the blog got an extreme makeover. Except it wasn’t magic, it was lots of hard yakka, a bit of sweat, a one week hospital stay and a lot of tears.

Don’t you love a happy ending? I do. I love this new look so hard and I hope you do too.

 Kid President