The Ultimate Rabbit Hole #36

The Ultimate Rabbit Hole 36

How was your week? I finally conquered my ironing mountain, we had a date night and I went way out west on a Vietnamese food tour. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t that what they say? So the sun is starting to set on another week but Bubbles Bunny and I are just about to get this party started! Let’s hop on down the Rabbit Hole, shall we?

Happy Butterscotch Pudding Day! I actually wasn’t quite sure what Butterscotch Pudding was until I googled it, but it turns out that it’s basically cold butterscotch custard. It reminds me of a dessert I used to love when I was growing up called Angel Delight. It was a powdered product that when mixed with milk produced the most delicious mousse like dessert. Anyways, I’m not a fan of packet food these days so I am going to recreate the magic of my childhood and celebrate Butterscotch Pudding Day in style with this.

It’s also Jewish New Year, when we eat honey cake to express our wishes for a sweet new year. I don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah but I do say yes to honey cake, and you should too, because September is National Honey Month. In some shameless self promotion, here’s my  go-to honey cake recipe  but this one also looks on the money, honey!

If cheesecake is more your thing, then get your sweet fix with this No-Bake Rocky Road CheesecakeIt only takes 15 minutes to make, which means you can spend more time eating it and savouring all the deliciousness!

It’s 10 months since David had a stroke. I’ve been on a state of high alert ever since.   It’s National Stroke Week this week and Em’s powerful post has such an important message. Incidentally, did you catch her interview yesterday, she’s so inspiring!

Are you an organised person? I am. Or at least I think I am because I do lots of the things that organised people do every day.

I think even the most organised person can be overcome by domestic overwhelm. These 5 top tips will keep you on top of the jobs a la maison.

My feet are always itchy and I’m always dreaming of where I can go next. If like me, you’re a fan of ye olde holiday rental, here are 10 questions you need to ask because when it comes to booking a holiday rental, it’s always better to ask sooner rather than later. I know my Aussie dollar is worth diddly squat right now in the US and the UK but it’s good to know there are still lots of places I can get a bang for my buck. It seems almost criminal to get a new Aussie passport and not even use it! I’ll never have a better excuse for a holiday!

I love reading letters that peeps write to their younger self. I have no idea what I’d say to myself, but I hope it would be something as wise as this. Those sexagenarians (isn’t that a great word?) they know what’s what!

Of course, my two touches of thyroid cancer have affected me physically, but not nearly as much as they affected me mentally. Cancer has left me with an acute case of enthusiasm for life and I’m not sorry about it at all. I want to be strong, be fit, be kind, be happy because I’m alive and because I can. You might get goosebumps when reading this. Just saying!

If you’re feeling stressed,  you need some Kitten Therapy! Yes, Kitten Therapy, that’s a thing and one of the cutest things I ever did see! Now all we need is for someone to invent Puppy Therapy and I’ll be all set!

Now, I have to run (literally) because this weekend I’m taking part in the Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival. But before I go, tell me, what’s your favourite childhood dessert?  Are your feet itching? How do you keep on top of the jobs at home? What advice would you give to younger self? Puppies or kittens, what would you choose?

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