100 Things That Make Me Happy

clipboard saying 100 things that make me happy on black background next to two pink roses

Making a list of 100 Things That Make Me Happy is number 29 on my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days (version 3, no less!)

I don’t know why I waited so long because it was so much fun to do and in fact, making this list is one of 100 things that make me happy!

I’ve enjoyed reflecting on what makes me happy and the things that truly bring me joy and it’s also been a great way to recognise and show gratitude for all the happy things in my life.

I’ve learned that it’s the little things that mean the most and next time my cage is rattled or I want to throw my toys out of the pram, I’ll refer back to this list because it’s sure to put a smile on my dial.

  1. Being married to David
  2. Having a dog
  3. Wearing/using my mum’s things
  4. A cup of hot coffee in the morning
  5. A cup of hot tea at bedtime
  6. Finishing a work out
  7. Reading a good book
  8. Setting a goal and achieving it
  9. Wearing beanies
  10. Cooking food and sharing it
  11. Visits to the hairdresser
  12. Salon manicures and pedicures
  13. Travelling overseas
  14. Going on a road trip
  15. Hawaii (all of it)
looking down on waikiki beach from hotel
  1. Long weekends
  2. Fresh, clean bed sheets
  3. Blogging
  4. Disneyland (all of it)
Travel Tales - Disneyland
  1. Lie ins
  2. Teddy cuddles
  3. Teaching
  4. Hugs
  5. People watching
  6. Sunshine
  7. Fresh air
  8. Frangipanis
Taking Stock - March 2018 frangipani
  1. Finding a bargain
  2. Spending time with good people
  3. Feeling the sunshine/cool breeze on my face
  4. Making a recipe that comes out perfect first time
  5. Tweaking a recipe until it’s perfect
  6. Eating something I haven’t had to cook myself
  7. Knowing that all the people I love are safe and well
  8. Rainbows
  9. Teddy wearing clothes
a cavoodle wearing a hawaiian shirt, teddy bear sunglasses, a lei and sitting on cream cushions with a plush beer toy
  1. Feeling organised
  2. Experiences not things
  3. Decluttering
  4. Decorating the Christmas tree
  5. Christmas
christmas little party dress
  1. Laughing so hard it hurts
  2. Walking along the beach
  3. Flowers – receiving them, giving them, looking at them…
  4. Ticking things off my to do list
  5. Watching telly with David
  6. Sunrises
  7. Sunsets
California sunset -sailing San Francisco Bay
  1. Blue skies
  2. Telling people how much I love them
  3. Seeing the stars at night
  4. Nana’s bread pudding
Nana's Best Ever Bread Pudding 6
  1. A clean house
  2. A bubble bath
  3. That Friday feeling
  4. Looking through old photos
  5. Picnics with friends
  6. Making memories
  7. Remembering a good dream
  8. Roast dinners
  9. Free champagne
  10. 80s music
  11. Inspiring quotes
  12. Planning adventures
  13. Pyjama days
  14. Random acts of kindness
  15. A full night’s deep sleep
  16. Cute dog reels on Instagram
  17. Watching Teddy sleep
  18. Sending/receiving surprises in the mail
  19. Refusing to grow up
  20. Writing a list of things that make me happy
  21. Inspiring quotes
  22. Singing in the shower
  23. The smell of something delicious baking
  24. Being greeted by Teddy at the door
  25. Dumplings
  26. Enjoying afternoon tea (with scones obviously)
chopsticks picking up a dumpling from a steamer of xiao long bao
  1. Waking up every day
  2. Knowing I have people in my life who really love me
  3. Going to bed early
  4. Holding hands with David
  1. Finding the perfect gift for that special someone
  2. Musical theatre
  3. Live music
  4. My friends, near and far
  5. Trying and succeeding at something
  6. Morning family cuddles
  7. Walkies with Teddy
doog walkies bag
  1. The smell of clean laundry
  2. Good news
  3. Kind blog comments
  4. The heart eyes emoji
  5. Exclamation marks
  6. Kind, genuine people
  7. Finishing a jigsaw puzzle
  8. Colouring in
  9. Birthdays (mine and everyone else’s)
  10. Jubes
  11. Living life every day

Have you ever made a list of 101 things that make you happy? What was/would be on your list?

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