Taking Stock – January 2023

pink orange and grey sunset over trees and a green field

2023 has got off to a very slow start. We’ve all been a bit under the weather and talking of the weather, it’s been absolutely baltic. Much time has been spent hibernating and horizontal on the sofa but I sat at the computer long enough to take stock of the month that was. Buckle up, peeps!

Baking: This Persimmon, Cranberry and Walnut Loaf. It’s deliciously addictive!

two slices of persimmon loaf stacked on a board with a small bowl of butter in the background

Posting: My first recipe in more than six months. See above.

Making: All the soups – it’s definitely the weather for it. This Potato and Leek soup has been on high rotation.

Whipping: Up a big batch of my Auntie Sandra’s chicken soup – there is nothing it can’t cure.

Testing: Lots of new recipes… Now I just need to write them up and take some photos. Easier said than done!

Cooking: Lots of tray bakes because they’re easy and I’m lazy!

Eating: Jelly Babies chicks. De-chicking-licious!

holding a bag of jelly babies chicks

Drinking: So much tea.

Needing: To get motivated!

Lamenting: The state of shop bought pastry in the UK. I miss my frozen packs of Pampas puff!

Taking: Antibiotics for that pesky cough which I finally managed to shake off, only for David to fall sick.

Cranking: Up the heating because it’s chilly, Billy!

Dreading: The gas bill. Lots of things are cheaper than Australia but energy is not one of them!

Walking: These two cuties. Ruby is our neighbour’s grand-dog!

two small dogs looking at the camera standing on grass by the roots of a tree

Watching: A lot of TV – I loved Pachinko, Ginny and Georgia and Welcome to Wrexham.

Wanting: To see Wrexham live in action – I’m more than a little bit obsessed.

Dashing: To the emergency vet in the nearest town at midnight on a Friday night only to discover the duty vet lives 3 doors away from us!

apricot cavapoo in a navy harness sitting on  a vet table looking away from the camera

Visiting: The vets on an almost weekly basis with a different ailment each time.

Worrying: About Teddy and hope he feels better soon.

Catching: Up with lovely friends from Australia visiting the UK. What a treat!

Missing: Our Aussie pals and pups.

Loving: Winter sunsets.

An apricot cavapoo in a red jacket sitting on the grass with a sunset sky in grey and orange behind him

Liking: Fresh blooms from the weekly markets.

Disliking: Minus temperatures.

Hosting: David’s sister and my auntie. I don’t think the novelty of being close to family will ever wear off.

a woman with a checked coat and grey hair cuddling up to a woman with a bobble hat holding a small cavapoo wearing a red coat

Exploring: The lovely Burleigh House. They’re filming the latest season of The Crown there!

Spending: A lot of time at home and staying warm and toasty.

Marvelling: At the beautiful blue winter skies.

huge fir tree against a bright blue sky

Wearing: As many layers as possible.

Dressing: Teddy up in all his winter woolies!

cavoodle sitting looking at the camera wearing a green fur lined corduroy jacket and a green bow tie

Wondering: Where the time goes – we’ve been in the UK for four months already!

Wishing: I had a little bit more room in my kitchen.

Feeling: Pretty happy with the home bar situation!

A bar trolley stacked full of bottles and a big gold pineapple ice bucket. Above the bar trolley is a yellow neon sign that says Cheers.

Thinking: How much can change in a year – this time last year we’d just sold our flat in Sydney!

Cancelling: Plans to go to London at the end of the month because both the boys were under the weather.

Looking: Forward to more thrills and less ills in February!

So now I’ve told you all about my month, I’d love to hear about yours. Was month number one lots of fun?

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