Taking Stock – June 2023

I know we’re already a third of the way through July but here I am with my full and thorough reporting on the month of June. I’m sticking to my theory of better late than never so without further ado, let’s take a look back at the month that was.

Baking: These Crunchy Walnut Squares – can’t wait to share the recipe!

crunchy walnut square on a plate on a vintage plate decorated with blue flowers

Cooking: Lots of stir fries – Recipe Tin Eats Cashew Nut Chicken has been on high rotation.

Eating: An ice lolly a day to stop myself from melting!

Drinking: Coffee and lots of it.

Packing: Lunch boxes even on days when I don’t go to work!

Sharing: This recipe for Baked Lemon Cheesecake. It’s a keeper!

side view of lemon cheesecake decorated with halved strawberries on a yellow plate

Reading: Graham Norton’s Forever Home.

Watching: Drive to Survive on Netflix – I’m now a Formula 1 convert!

Seeing: California Suite – performed by local theatre company at the local theatre.

Booking: Tickets for Shakespeare at the local outdoor theatre.

Crying: Watching the last season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix. If only it could run forever…

Taking: Teddy to an early birthday photoshoot. I can’t wait to see the images (all 400+ of them!)

Joining: Sherry and co for this month’s In My Kitchen with lots of pics of my new kitchen!

Moving: Into our own home – so exciting!

Loving: Our new house. The lounge is so lovely and cosy.

Liking: All the extra space.

Disliking: Moving in general.

Realising: That gardening is like cleaning. As soon as you finish, it needs doing again!

Feeling: Tired but happy.

Marvelling: At David’s DIY and ninja IKEA skills.

man kneeling among unassembled flat pack furniture. He is smiling and making a thumbs up in the air.

Overseeing: The assembling of lots of IKEA furniture!

Building: Teddy his very own pawdrobe.

a wardrobe for dogs full of harnesses, leads, collars and dog clothes

Melting: In an early summer heatwave.

Missing: Air conditioning. A lot.

Spending: Lots of time in beer gardens.

looking through a beer garden with colourful umbrellas with a historic church in the background

Buying: Lots of things for the new house including a fan!

Taking: Teddy on his first visit to B and Q – kind of like an English Bunnings.

smiling dog sitting in a trolley at a diy store

Knowing: That as soon as we bought garden furniture, the rain would come. (And it did!)

Enjoying: Spending time at home.

Hoping: That now things have calmed down, I can spend more time on the blog.

Having: My own office now (even if it does double up as the laundry room!)

Hosting: The outlaws who came for a working holiday. They worked so hard, we needed a lie down after they left!

Catching: Up with Calvin, my mum’s dog. Seeing my two favourite furballs together makes me so happy!

Opening: Lots of parcels.

Closing: The door to our rental one last time. Onwards and upwards (even if it is on the same street!)

Wearing: My new cavoodle earrings from Bling Hound. Clearly, jewellery is not Teddy’s jam!

Finishing: Work. My job was temporary.

Wondering: What to do with myself next.

Looking: Forward to July and the family birthday bonanza!

Now I’ve told you about my June, I’d love to hear about yours. Tell me everything in the comments!