Taking Stock – September 2023

This year is flying by so fast, I can hardly keep up! September was so busy but it was definitely a September to remember for all the right reasons. As usual, before I get excited about a (nearly) new month, I like to take a look back at the old one. I’d love it if you joined me!

Baking: All things with apples. I’ve been given so many apples it would be rude not to!

a cavoodle standing in the doorway of a greenhouse. Inside the doorway of the greenhouse is a blue bucket full of apples

Cooking: A chicken and chorizo traybake – I just need some time to write out the recipe!

Making: These zucchini cupcakes – taking veggie smuggling to the next level.

close up of muffin tin with freshly baked courgette cupcakes

Sharing: The recipe for my rhubarb crumble. It’s a keeper.

Picking: My own sunflowers at the local vineyard. Can you believe we have one 10 minutes down the road?!

A Woman with long blonde hair wearing a green and white stripe dress holding a bunch of sunflowers in a field of sunflowers

Celebrating: Birthdays with special friends on a weekend in London

Dining: At the Ivy for the first time.

Loving: My new nails!

Liking: The generosity of friends and neighbours who share the fruits (and veg) of their labour!

Disliking: When it’s too hot – this is not a country made for very hot weather!

Wondering: Why it is too hot or too cold, why can’t it be just right? Goldilocks temperature is my favourite!

Joining: In with Sherry for this month’s edition of In My Kitchen.

Getting: Fresh hair! Feeling like I won the lottery with my lovely hairdresser.

Hosting: Friends from near and far.

Catching: Up with an old friend in Birmingham – it was my first ever visit to the city!

Starting: Work on the garden. This month it was a new back fence.

Shopping: For a new shed – honestly, the glamour never ends.

Enjoying: A little day trip to the beautiful town of Woodhall Spa – home of the Dambusters.

Boiling: In the mini September heatwave.

Missing: Aircon but grateful for our Meaco fan – highly recommend.

Reuniting: With “grandma” AKA Luce, our old neighbour from Sydney.

Treasuring: The moment my Sydney neighbour, Luce met my Stamford neighbour, Pat!

Showing: Friends around our beautiful town.

Blowing: My Christmas mind at our local Gates Garden Centre. They take Christmas to the next level!

Dropping: My phone down the toilet – not my finest moment. It survived but the camera is a bit worse for wear.

Marvelling: At the gorgeous gourds at the local market.

Tasting: Wine at The Rutland Vineyard – it’s a mighty fine drop!

Walking: Through the fields with Teddy Roosevelt.

Celebrating: A year in the UK (can you believe it?!) with a few drinks and a blog post!

Noticing: The days are getting shorter.

Getting: Excited about Autumn and Halloween. I just love the changing of the seasons.

Feeling: Content. And a bit tired. I think I need a lie down after all that.

Well, that’s quite enough for one month, don’t you?! Was yours a September to remember? Tell me everything in the comments!

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