The Bread Line

I am out of iodine free bread so make a pilgrimage to the local organic bakery after work. The weather is wild – wet and rainy but nothing is going to come between me and my favourite carb! There is another bakery lady at the counter today so I think I’ll double check the iodine freeness, just for fun.  While I stand salivating over the different breads thinking  which one I’ll try today, she goes out back and makes salt talk with the baker. Lo and behold, she comes back 5 minutes later by which time I can almost taste my sourdough sandwich, only to tell me that she thinks the salt is iodised! Aaargh! Not only does this means it’s back to consuming cardboard rice cakes but it also means I’ve been eating iodised salt all week. 

After  consuming my cardboard lunch and having a nana nap I feel energised enough to give the insurance company a ring to find out about how our claim is progressing. It is not good news. They sent an email to the wrong email address,  3 days ago requesting more information , most of which we’ve  already supplied! This is very frustrating. It looks like they want to play hardball as not satisfied with the surgeon’s report they want to contact my GP to check out my medical records. I think they’re going to pull a fast one and say that this is a “pre existing condition.” Still, they may be throwing some spanner s in the works but it’s not at all over, Red Rover!

However, the good news is that the doctor’s receptionist phoned to tell me my calcium levels are normal! Yay! No more torpedo tablets for me! It’s so good to be drug  free!

To celebrate my completely calibrated calcium levels, I decide to get cracking on some more tasty iodine free sweet treats. It’s not often I cook something for myself, but these are iodine free and only one weight watchers point – what a winning combination! Check out my Fruity Macaroons. Too yummy!

Tonight, it’s David’s turn to cook, he’s makes the best burgers and tonight is no exception. Take a look at his  Beefy Burgers with a bit of Rub. Healthy, delicious and iodine free!