The 3 R’s

The first thing I think of when I wake up is that we should have been going to Perth today  for Steve and Stace’s wedding. But we’re not. As bitter a pill as this is to swallow, I take some comfort in the fact that this is the final of the Cancer cancellations. I also know that it’s pretty futile to think about what might have been, and that it’s much more constructive, to think about what will be. So instead of stressing out about how horrible we feel about missing the wedding, I think how soon we can book flights and go to Perth for a bit of a post-nuptial knees up.  January? Now wouldn’t that be a great way to kick start 2012

Anyway, I have  a morning meeting with Tracey who’s going to catch me at my best.  Despite 5 days on Thryoxin, I continue to function much better in the mornings and am still prone to nana napping and cat yawning in the afternoons! However, in the short time it takes for us to have a coffee, the temperature plummets and the wind picks up it’s game, so by the time we bid each other farewell, we almost get blown away, literally!

It’s nice to be indoors when it’s so cold and grey outside. I get all warm and toasty with my flannelette pyjamas and ugg boots and while I’m feeling all wintery I set about writing our Christmas cards while I have some time on my hands. I think about putting some Christmas music on but I consider that going one step too far! It is after all, only mid November!

I only have a couple of iodine free days left now so I’m trying out my last few  iodine free recipes. Lunch is a lovely salad combo of Tabbouleh  and Green Bean and Asparagus Salad with Citrus Dressing. They’re both super quick, super easy and super healthy.

I don’t feel like a nana nap so catch up on some movies that I’ve been meaning to see. I start with The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo  and it’s awesome. I’m totally gripped. I’m such a philistine, I don’t usually like films with subtitles and usually get tired and bored from the effort exerted having to read the text, but this movie is the ultimate exception.  In actual fact, there are a few times I think I might have a heart attack from the suspense. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea to watch this when I’m home alone!

David’s at football, so I get to experiment with another iodine free dinner. Tonight I try Fresh Tomato and Chilli Pasta  but I’m a bit heavy handed with the fresh chilli and it’s enough to make my eyes water – literally! Then, I settle down to watch the sequel to The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire which is also totally awesome.  The 3 R’s – riveted, relaxed, and radioactive!