It’s a dreary old day but I manage to get up at the crack of dawn and make it to Basic Training on time. I feel as stiff as a board after last night’s pump party but I plod my way round the circuits and sweat buckets all the same.

Actually, I can’t believe it’s Friday already! The first week of the year has already passed me by… so quickly! There always seems so much to do and not quite enough time in which to do it. Take for example, the links page; I nag David senseless for weeks and then when he gets it up and running, I leave the links all lonely and neglected! Today we reach an amazing milestone! 12000 page views at www.theannoyedthyroid.com  How cool is that? I decide that getting to grips with the links page is going to be my goal of the week. My other plans for long term WBD (Worldwide Blog Domination) include an Annoyed Thyroid Facebook page and putting pictures on each post. Watch this space (but don’t hold your breath!)

I love Fridays because it’s the day that the cleaners work their magic apartment wide! I love coming home on Fridays and seeing everything look shiny and new. It’s a fantastic feeling. I enjoy it while it lasts because  housework isn’t one of my hobbies! I can’t keep the kitchen clean for long. I’ve got friends coming for dinner tomorrow so I try to get one step ahead with some preparation. First off, I make a Spicy Tomato Dip and then engage in some pumpkin wrestling. What jolly fun! I weigh out some of the other ingredients I’ll need tomorrow and then throw some of my favourite  Mango and Coconut Gelato into a bowl and then into the freezer. There seems to be a never ending supply of mangoes in the fridge and I can’t think of a better way to use them up!

Then it’s time to get down to dinner which is thoroughly multicultural. A curious mix of Ultimate Greek Salad and Cheat’s Chilli – Greece meets Mexico; it’s a bit of a crazy combination but it’s fab Friday night food, especially when it’s all washed down with a nice cold Australian beer!