The Fantastic Four

It’s such an effort to wake up this morning. How can it be Monday already? My brain works at two speeds today, slow and stop. Lucky for me, I have very patient students.

I get an energy rush after work and manage to prepare a simple supper before  I go to the gym! That way when I arrive home, all sweaty and starving, we can just lay the table and eat what I prepared earlier. Tonight it’s Pea and Ricotta Frittata which is suprisingly light and healthy, and I love it best of all, because it only has four ingredients! We enjoy the Ultimate Greek Salad on the side, it has to be the ultimate summer salad. While I’ve got the oven on and the eggs out, I knock up some of David’s favourite Mini Ham and Corn Quiches. Another fast and fabulous four ingredient recipe!

Basic Training is ace. I pump iron, star jump like it’s going out of fashion and set all my endorphins free. It’s basic, but it’s brilliant and I love it! It sets me up for the evening and finishes me off all at the same time!