Buttermilk Bonanza

I’m too tired to exercise this morning so embark on a bit of a bake-a-thon to keep myself meaningfully occupied. First up, I try out some Cheesy Quinoa Bites. I’ve been wanting to give them a go since Paula gave me a taste test last week. They’re so simple to make and a really healthy snack. I’ve never tried cooking with Quinoa before but these little bites are just too tasty and very more-ish. The good thing is that they’re really wholesome- so you can consume them guilt-free. Amazingly, David loves them. They’re the perfect protein snack for his packed lunch!

Next up, are the Choc-Chip Jaffa Muffins. I’m seeing my counsellor tomorrow and I hate to rock up empty handed. Besides, I have a whole heap of buttermilk to use up. These little cakes look and taste really delicious and they’re quick to make too.

In amid  the baking bonanza, I check my facebook and my messages and find out that some of our favourite friends have just got engaged! Yay! I’m so, so happy! Dharish was my brilliant bridesmaid and I’m so stoked that now she’s going to be the bride! I have learned to really appreciate getting good news!

David’s computer has died and he’s having a hard job bringing it back to life. We decide to take some time out from our relative computer/kitchen pursuits and head out to the shops for a bit of retail therapy. A workman is only as good as his tools and I reckon it’s ditto for Chefs! I pick up a nice new cooling rack, some decent kitchen scissors and a few ramekins; what a happy shopper!

I’m feeling uber lazy and totally unmotivated and it’s hard to get going but I manage to muster up enough energy to go out for a run. Once I’m out and about, I love it and really get into the swing of things. Today I’m living by the motto of my singlet “Go For It!”  and oh, how I do! I proudly manage to make my best time so far and finish my 5km circuit in just under 28 minutes! Go Sam!

Back at home, there’s still a bit of buttermilk left over and I can’t bear to bin it. I find a recipe that will use every last drop and just a few store cupboard ingredients Caramelised Apple Buttermilk Slice, and what’s more, it’s low in fat, and only 4 weight watchers points a pop.

For dinner, we feast on our old trusty favourite Toad in the Hole. I love it! I can’t resist some of my buttermilk slice for dessert and then settle down to vegetate on the sofa. Ah, peace at last!