Body and Soul

I’ve got a day off and I’m going to take some extra special care of my body, and my soul!

 First things first.  I off with a leisurely lie in – until half past seven! Then I’m up, up and away for a training run. Tracey and Kathy have been trying out running training for a week or two and as I have the day off, they’re kindly letting me gatecrash their party! Usually, Tracey tells me, they just run round my usual 5 km route, but today Kathy takes us on a magical mystery tour. My half hour romp round the block turns into what seems like a marathon! It may be longer than I anticipated, but it’s also exceptionally beautiful as Kathy runs us ragged round some of the harbour’s best beauty spots. We end up by the Harbour Bridge and run across it – after all, it would be rude not to! The day is turning out to be a sizzler so I leave the girls and attempt to run back across the bridge and wee, wee, wee all the way home! I think I’ve plodded about 10km all in – phew! It’s hot, it’s hard and I hurt! But man, it feels good!

I’ve actually been feeling uber anxious the last couple of weeks and really can’t pinpoint why. It feels like I have a big tennis ball right in the middle of my chest and it’s not a good feeling. Funnily enough, the only time when I don’t have that freaky feeling is when I’m running. Go figure! Forget anti depressants, forget yoga, running is the way forward! In more ways than one!

I’m trying to use my time constructively and attempt to make an appointment for my 6 month body scan. But the ladies at the hospital don’t know which scan I need and ask me to take my referral letter for them to see. I almost melt on the short stroll there, and when I arrive, all hot and sweaty, they tell me the lady who can help is on her day off! Aaargh! That’s very frustrating!

I decide down time is the order of the day so I pop in for a manicure and pedicure. I love sitting down and doing nothing. It really becomes me! And now, I have nails like a princess!

I pop home to have a light lunch and embark on a flurry of domestic activity but the day is flying by so fast and I haven’t achieved all my objectives! I decide that it’s  nigh impossible to complete everything on my To-Do List today  and something’s gotta give. I simply don’t have the time or energy to get it all done. I start to prioritise and work through my tasks accordingly.

Then it’s off to ease my mind, more musing with my counsellor. Today I take her some of those Choc-Chip Jaffa Muffins and to balance the sweet with the savoury, throw in some Cheesy Quinoa Bites. Today is actually the first day that I haven’t been walking round with the tennis ball in my chest and it feels great. I feel like I’m making good progress; making a conscious effort to get 8 hours sleep (but not freaking out if I don’t,) cutting my exercise back to 5 times a week (and if I’m not too tired, I can stretch to 6, just as a treat,) and being more realistic about goal setting (what I want to achieve, and what is possible to achieve!)

The main problem is that I want to be like I was before. My counsellor thinks this is admirable. Me too. But the difference between us, is that she still clearly remembers, and I have conveniently forgotten, what my body has been through the last few months. She has to remind me. I reluctantly admit that my body is now without a small but very useful part of equipment and has undergone quite an assualt within the last year and I guess it’s going to take a while to adjust.

I suppose, the key word here is BALANCE for my body, and my soul. I’m going to try and continue to be kind to, and listen to my body and treat it right. I’m also going to be realistic about goal setting and not beat myself up if I don’t achieve all my objectives. It’s much better to be positive and  focus on the things you have done, than be negative and focus on the things you haven’t.

It’s a most productive meeting and after I hot foot it home for a bit of wok work. Tonight we try out Donna Hay’s Chilli and Basil Fish. It’s so fast, fresh and just fabulous. We love it!

Time flies by so fast. Sometimes we’re so busy rushing through life, trying to get things done and do all our jobs, that life just passes us by!  We don’t take time to step back and enjoy it or,  as my counsellor says savour, it!  Slow down and smell the roses!