Chilli and Chillier!

Kathy trains me tough this morning. I’m not sure what I’ll do first,  pass out, vomit, or both! Today we try a Tabata style workout where we have a 4 station circuit, do each move for a minute and then have a 20 second break after all four sets. And then start all over! I start my day feeling finished! I must be a masochist to enjoy the pain this much!

Work is busy as ever and it’s pretty hectic at home too. I’m trying to get one step ahead for my dinner guests tomorrow so throw together some Cheesy Quinoa Bites – they’ll make healthy but delicious appetizers. I get super  excited about cooking the quinoa in the rice cooker. It’s oo easy! Then I try out my new recipe for Baked Cherry Ricotta Cheesecake and pop it in the fridge so it can spend all night chilling. It’s looking good. But the proof will be in the pudding. All will be revealed tomorrow night!

As the oven is fully occupied, we have another wok wonder for dinner Chilli Jam Chicken and Cashews. I overload the pan with our latest purchase, the Stinking Hot Chilli Jam but it’s not mindblowingly hot, just warm and fuzzy. I love this dinner because it’s only got four ingredients, so it’s simple and cheap and  makes a champion midweek supper.

Later when I’m surfing, the web, not the waves, I stumble upon rhino cookie cutters! I’ve been looking for them for like, forever in my mission to make the Prof  some rhino cookies! In fact, I went one better than the lone rhino, and found a whole set of zoo animals! Soon, my cookie collection will rival Nigella’s! So many cookie cutters so little time!