Daylight Robbery!

I’m not sure whether I’m battling jet lag or insomnia, or maybe even a lethal combination of both, but whatever it is, I’m on the prowl and it’s only 2am! I console myself with the fact that I went to bed ultra early last night so at least I’ve managed to secure a few hours sleep. But it’s just not enough! I’m pooped! I have a cup of tea, read recipes and even do the ironing and still I can’t sleep! Finally I nod off after 5am which gives me just over an hour of shut eye before the alarm makes it’s morning call! I’m not enjoying the sleep deprivation!

I am however, enjoying going to work, and once I’m there and in the thick of  things, it’s easier to fret less about my fatigue! I swing by the supermarket on my way home, and get a bag of bargain bananas, over 3kg for just 3 dollars! That booty bag will keep me out of mischief this weekend as I go on a banana baking frenzy.

I’m off to the pharmacy at the hospital to order my Thyrogen. This consists of two injections that I’ll have in the week before my scan that will allow me to keep taking my thyroxine. If I come off my thyroid replacements, I’ll feel like a half dead person again. I don’t think I can face it. The problem is there is only one Thyrogen factory/manufacturer in the world and since last year there has been a world shortage. Hence my haste in securing some of the stuff, six weeks in advance! The endo has already warned me that it’s going to be a costly exercise, so you can imagine my surprise when the nice pharmacist lady tells me it’s only going to set me back 40 bucks! I’m proper chuffed. I was thinking it was going to have a $2000+ price tag! My elation doesn’t last long though, on the way home, the pharmacist lady phones to apologise because she has made a mistake and as the script is private, the price has rocketed to a princely $2014! I know I should be happy that we’re in a financial position to afford the drug, but I can’t help fantasising about all the other infinitely more pleasurable ways I could blow 2 grand.

Warning! Cancer doesn’t only stuff up your body, play with your emotions and stuff up your plans, it also drains your bank account! I can’t believe Thyrogen is only available on private prescription here, and not  on Medicare. It’s outrageous! It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity! I’ve got a real bee in my bonnet about this and it’s buzzing around like crazy. You haven’t heard the last of this!

I come home to calm down and recover from my daylight robbery! I set about looking for banana recipes and preparing  the Tuna Sweet Potato Jackets for dinner with an Ultimate Greek Salad on the side. The sweet spuds  cook to perfection in the microwave and they’re super healthy as they have much lower GI than regular potatoes. Dinner is  fast, fresh and fabulous and goes down a treat. And finally, after food, I give up fighting the fatigue and succumb to the sofa…