What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine!

It’s a busy night in the kitchen. We’re having a bit of a meat treat tonight with probably my bestest iodine free dinner ever, Lamb Stoba. It’s such a tasty curry, spicy and sweet, all at the same time. It freezes brilliantly too, so there will be some more of this marvellous meal ahead!

I also have a bit of a play and try out BBC Good Food’s Chocolate Birthday Cake. I’m still trying to find the perfect cake to bake for David’s birthday, he is after all, only 40 once! This recipe is pretty wholesome as it uses wholemeal flour, if I know my husband, it will be way too healthy for him!

Jane is sick, so she and Shannon aren’t coming over tonight so it’s just me, David and the hum of radioactivity. I throw some pears into the slow cooker and let the sweet smell of Vanilla and Red Wine  Poached Pears waft around. Peary nice! Eve’s coming for dinner tomorrow, so they’ll be a wonderful warm wintery dessert. The pears look and taste like something out of the Masterchef kitchen! Yum!

David and I make a good pretty team. We share pretty much everything and are very egalitarian. However, my radioactivity is one thing that’s mine, and mine alone, it just wouldn’t do to share! The doctor tells me that last time, when I had treatment, I had 4000 thingamijigs of radiation, but this time it’s only 160 wotsits so I don’t have nearly as many super powers as before. Nevertheless, I’m not taking any chances with my glow-to-go prowess and sleep in the spare room!