The Visitors are Here!

I’m so excited that I’m up before the birds. The reason for the pumping adrenalin is two fold; it’s time to train with Kathy… and, the visitors are coming!

Waking up über early certainly has it’s advantages! This morning in training I’m on fire, demonstrating an unusual amount of co-ordination and bursting with energy. Kathy pushes me to my limits and beyond. That’s why I love her. She makes me work and she makes me hurt! It’s the ultimate tough love!

The Feeder Programme gears up today. I share out a batch of those Sugar and Spice Shortbreads, and they get rave reviews. The crumbly cookie and the sweet taste of cinnamon are a winning combination… And a great excuse to go wild with the cookie cutters.

I have to admit I spend most of the day clock watching and wishing the time away. I just can’t help myself! I can’t wait for Beverley and Joan to arrive. When I finally meet them at the station after work, it’s pretty surreal – it seems almost as if we always take the train together in rush hour with two trusty suitcases! We’ve all been looking forward to, and imagining this moment for so long, we have to pinch ourselves to reality check that it’s really happening!

Back at Hotel Sam and David, we all celebrate our sojourn with some bubbles and then I conjure up my feast for friends; all in the style of here’s one I prepared earlier! The Turkey, Pesto  and Ricotta Lasagne goes down a treat and I add my trusty Ultimate Greek Salad to freshen things up. For dessert, we enjoy the last of the Apricot and Amaretti Cake (fresh from the freezer,) with some smooth, velvety custard – thanks to more thermomix magic! Dinner is all good  – a taste of things to come!