More Thermomix Magic

Once I get the dummy run out of the way, it’s time to have a kitchen workout. Tonight, Yvonne is coming over to demonstrate some more Thermomix magic. I’m super excited. As this is going to be an evening event, I throw together some speedy sides to keep everyone from the brink of starvation.

First off, I magic up the double dips; White Bean dip and Sweet Chilli Sour Cream dip. Delicious! I already have the Chessy Quinoa Bites that I prepared yesterday and add a Tortilla de Patata into the mix. There’s just time to make a few of the Mini Cheese and Corn Quiches before I call it a day. The little buffet selection should tide us over inbetween the dishes direct from the Thermie!

It’s quite a performance. We’re joined by five of our friends, there’s beer, wine and more magic from the Thermomix. Yvonne romps through her repetoire with all the usual suspects; the super speedy sorbet, the one minute hummus, the vibrant beetroot salad, the beautiful bread, the marvellous mushroom risotto and Pippa gets her hands dirty, cooking the lemon custard! Yum! The guests are bedazzled by this marvellous machine – it really has to be seen to be believed! And they haven’t even tasted the restaurant quality mashed potato!

Thermomix magic aside, it’s a great night, fun, food and friends!