Sweets and Tweets

Last night I dreamt that I overslept and missed the start of the half marathon, and by the time I made it to the start line, all the other runners were well on their way. I started the race – better late than never – but got lost and ran way off course so had to give it up as a bad job! My colleague, Gary, says the dream means I’m worried about losing control, but that’s far too Freudian for me. It simply means I’m worried about waking up on time and doing the distance on Race Day! Whatever it means is by the by, I wake up in a tizz  and it’s not a grade A start to the day.

Things start to unravel when I discover I have no make up on, and no make up, in my bag. By the time I realise, I’m already on the train! Aargh! Jane comes to my rescue and  averts a near disaster and by the time I make it into the office, she has turned my desk into a virtual Clinique counter with every kind of cosmetic my heart desires. Perhaps it isn’t going to be such a bad day after all!

In an effort to free up space in the freezer, today I’m sharing the old fashioned Best Ever Bread Pudding. The problem with this perfect pud is that it just tastes too good. This would make my nana proud! For a while there, I’m in danger of consuming it all singlehandedly before I share so much as a morsel with my colleagues. This is a taste of my childhood in a tupperware box and I’m loving it. However, I have a Feeder Program to maintain after all, and the joy  is in the giving. Those little bits of bread pudding are a surefire way to spread happiness around the staffroom!

Work is busy but I save a little bit in the tank for my after work workout. The weather is so glorious again, I just cannot resist another harbour run. This afternoon, there’s a wedding reception in the Opera House restaurant and two beautiful brides are on camera safari around my route, so today, the harbour looks like something out of a fairytale. I manage to clock up another 9.5km and run a new personal best in record time. I have no idea where that sudden burst of energy comes from but I hope it comes back again soon!

Pippa and Eve are coming for a girls night in this evening and as time and energy are in short supply – tonight our two course repast is going to be magic-ed up by the trusty Thermomix. For mains, we tuck into the crowd pleasing Thermomix Mushroom and Pea Risotto and for dessert, the Fruity Dream makes it’s kitchen debut and receives rave reviews. Even Eve the raw egg white sceptic can’t resist a second helping! Of course, the real joy of the Thermomix is not only the delicious food it produces, but the extra time it gives me to have fun with my friends!

When the girls go home, I take one last look at my social media and see Nigella’s awesome photo of cupcakes in the wild. I am loving the leopard print cupcake cases that she bought…guess where?!. Down Under! I must have some! I take the plunge and tweet her to find out the stockists, and she tweets back, only to tell me that she can’t remember. The joy of receiving a sweet tweet from Nigella far outweighs any disappointment about the mystery location of the cupcake cases, although, if anyone out there knows where to find these crazy cases, pray, do tell!