Food for Thought: Top Tip 7

7. Eat a balanced diet Cindy recommends we use the Harvard Medical School Healthy Eating Plateas a model not so much for a meal, but as our diet in general. Just like life itself, the key to eating [Read More]

The Visitors are Coming

Beverley and Joan our friends from the mother country are arriving tomorrow and I can hardly contain my excitement. I try to rein myself in by engaging in some kitchen chaos. I'm in the mood for a [Read More]

Turkey, Pesto and Ricotta Lasagne

I have to confess, I really love lasagne but I'm usually way too lazy to make it. I just can't get enthusiastic about all that becahmel business, because sauce making, who has time for that? Not me, [Read More]

Good Food, Good News

These days my inbox is inundated with updates and offers from those discount voucher outfits and random promotional material. I don't really care for all that stuff but I so hate to miss out on a [Read More]

The Search is Over

"Seek and ye shall find!" Guess what! David the IT wizard has added a search bar on the blog! What a hero! Can you see it over yonder on the right hand side of the page? Finding your favourite recipe [Read More]

Food for Thought: Top Tip 6

6. "That Meat Lovers Pizza ain't Loving Me Back" (Bolt) Limit the amount of processed and red meat in your diet. Try to eat no more than 500g red meat every week and eat at least 2 serves of fish. [Read More]