A Bumper Day

Today is just one of those days when I get everything done! It all kicks off at 5.45 when I’m up out of bed, and then out for a run. I’m loving these Spring mornings when no matter how early I seem to go out, the sun is already shining! So after my jolly jog, I do a turn around in record speed where I manage to stretch and have a shower, and wash my hair and still get to the station early enough to buy my ticket and get the earlier train. In fact, I still have time to kill, so I swing by the supermarket to pick up last minute provisions!

This spurt of productivity sets the tone for the day, and fingers crossed, it sets the tone for the week! I get a whole heap of stuff done at work and have so much fun with my students, I could be forgiven for thinking I’m on holiday, and not at work!

After a hard day at the office, things go into overdrive at home. I can’t seem to let a day go by without playing with my Thermomix  and today is no exception. I can’t resist trying the Fennel Almond Soup. I’m thinking of making it when Simon and Takashi come for dinner on Friday but obviously, I need to taste test it first. It’s absolutely almond-azing! I think it’s my all-time favourite soup in the thermie (so far!)

I’m off to the GP on Wednesday and already know what I’m taking…. some delicious Bumper Oat Cookies. They’re big, oaty and  full of fruity promise! However, my oven is so not my friend today and char grills my cookies, making them big, bumper and very, very black. Strangely enough, they still taste beautiful, but look really ugly. I can’t serve these up to the doc, I’ll take them to the human hoovers at the office instead. There’s nothing more disappointing than a burnt biscuit, never mind, 18 of them!

After all the mess and misery, I salvage supper with Sesame Chicken with Soy Dip. I can only describe it as Schnitzel a la Chinois but it’s yummy all the same. I love the sauce, especially how the acidity of the lime cuts through the saltiness of the soy. It’s enough to tickle your tastebuds.

Phew! I’m pretty pooped reflecting, reading and typing about today. Talk about action packed! I think that’s quite enough for one day, don’t you?