Christmas for a Crowd

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

I can hardly believe Christmas has come and gone… already! I kind of feel like I need an action replay so I can feel properly prepared. Oh well, I have 363 days to get ready for Christmas 2013! That might just be enough time.

This  Christmas was oh, so different from other Christmases for a whole number of reasons. Firstly, we didn’t spend it alone, secondly, it rained, and when I say rained, I mean it really rained and thirdly, David didn’t cook dinner.

We have quite a Christmas tradition. Usually we start Christmas Day on the beach with a bottle of bubbly and a bag of crisps (you can take the girl out of England, but you can’t take England out of the girl,) and after David cooks a fabulous Christmas feast, we spend the rest of the day perfecting the art of sofa surfing. Just the two of us. This year, we went to Adam and Leda’s where we celebrated yuletide with a jolly Christmas crowd.

The weather was wet and wild and although this curtailed Adam’s plans for a big barbecue in the park, it didn’t rain on his parade as he set up shop (read barbecue) in the back yard with a super useful awning! With the aid of the awning, an extra umbrella and countless bottles of beer, Adam reigned  (excuse the pun!)  King of the Barbecue all day!

Adam's Christmas Barbecue

There were sensational scallops, super sized prawns, bountiful bugs (a kind of shellfish, like a crab sized prawn,) seared swordfish and tender tuna, with some beautiful baked potatoes and some of Leda’s lovely salads on the side. I have to tell you, the haloumi salad was really something to write home, or at least, blog about.

Inbetween the courses of our barbecue buffet, we feasted on Leda’s brilliant byreks, complete with spinach and feta, my favourite filling.

Leda's Byrek and Salad

Even though we were so full after our fishy feast, everyone still found some stomach space for some of my delicious desserts. There were more of Renee’s Perfect Puddings, some of the amaze-balls Thermomix Brigadeiro and my piece de la resistance, the Bistro Cheesecake.  The Brigadeiros got rave reviews, not least because those bite size balls of chocolateyness are gluten free. That was lucky, otherwise one Christmas guest would have had dessert envy. Next time, I won’t forget to check out dietary requests!

Christmas Desserts

December 25th is the one day of the year that David really struts his stuff and demonstrates his kitchen wizardry. I guess, thanks to Adam he got a bit of a reprieve this year, but I think he owes me a dinner in lieu, don’t you?

It was the perfect Christmas, festive, and full of  friends, fun, frolics, food and good times. We indulged in the usual excesses but can you ever have too much of a good thing? I hope you had a little of what you fancied this Christmas, and then some more! Happy holidays everyone!