Sunny-land to Surf

I’ve been an uber-lazy runner of late and just can’t find my stride. Since my fight with the pavement, I’m not super keen to run in the dark in the morning, which has resulted in lots of twilight, but not terribly tiring runs. I know I need to raise my game because the Half Marathon is less than 2 months away – eeek – so today’s Sutherland to Surf will be a great way to clock up some kilometres, relight my running fire and stretch my legs!

This is one of my favourite events on the running calendar and I don’t mind spending over an hour schlepping to the Shire, one bit. There’s so many things to love about this event; it’s really well organised, there’s a great atmosphere, a fabulous course that finishes by the ocean and there’s an awesome team of enthusiastic volunteers.

At the start line - Sutherland to Surf 2013
At the start line

This is such a friendly event but I wish everyone would follow Race Day Etiquette. More to the point, I wish they would follow my Running Rules!

1. Spitting is gross. If you feel the need to spit, try not to do  so in the path of a fellow runner.

2. If you need to dispose of water from the water station, kindly drop it onto the ground and not into the face of an oncoming runner. Waterboarding is not cool and has no place in a fun run.

3. Fun runs are for everyone, walkers and runners alike. If you choose to walk, try not to take up the whole road walking four or five abreast. Even better, walk on the pavement, that’s why Americans call it the side-WALK.

This is my S2S number three, and I’m working on the premise that it’s 3rd time lucky! After last year’s running rain-off, I’m pleased to run in the Winter sunshine.

I’m so off my game, I’m trying not to worry about my time, and just focus on finding my happy pace. I just want to be able to cross the line in the best time I can, whatever that may be.

I have lots of running rituals. These always include a pre-race banana and a pre-race visit to the portaloo. Today, I give the portaloos a miss at the start line and pay the consequences later. For the record, it is almost impossible to run and control your bladder at the same time!

The end of this run is nothing short of spectacular. check this out! This is Winter in Sydney!

Sydney in Winter - Sutherland to Surf 2013
This is Winter in Sydney

I cross the finish line, in 1 hour and 3 minutes which is faster than last year but not quite as fast as 2011. I’m pretty pleased considering I took time out for a loo stop! There’s just time for a photo opportunity with  Max the Meerkat mascot (how’s that for a tongue twister?)  before I head home – one very happy runner.

Meeting Max the Meerkat - Sutherland to Surf 2013
Meeting Max the Meerkat

At the end of the day the fun is in the run!