Taking Stock – October

Time sure does fly when you're having fun we've been back on Aussie terra firma for one month already! Our big trip seems like forever ago. I think we need another holiday! October has been action [Read More]

Banana Slice with Muesli Topping

When we came back from holidays, we and our neighbour were like ships in the night. As we landed in Sydney, she jetted off for Adelaide... But not before she'd left a stash of fruit and veggies in our [Read More]

She’s So Inspiring – Amanda Smyth

My life has been touched by some uber amazing women whose passion for life and the way they  choose to live it have really inspired me.  A few years ago, I started the She’s So Inspiring series to [Read More]

11 Fabulous Foodie Finds in Waikiki

I did a lot of research before we went to Waikiki and drew up my own edible bucket list because that place is  full of deliciousness and I didn't want to miss a bit of it. We almost ran out of time, [Read More]

Meatless Monday: Zucchini Lasagne

This Zucchini Lasagne is quick and easy to prepare and totally delicious to eat!  This recipe is what I call a "sitter" because I've been sitting on it for quite some time. I've made it [Read More]

Thermomix Creamy Salami Pasta

Serves 4 Shall I tell you a secret? When I first got the Thermomix, I was a bit afraid to use it and would only use it if David was in the house. We were laughing about it the other day, and at how [Read More]

An Open Letter to My Thyroid

Hey Thyroid Can you believe it’s been 6 years since we parted company? It must be true what they say, time really does fly by when you’re having fun. Do you remember  how six months after our first [Read More]

Date Shortbread Fingers

When I was back in the mother country, I was hoping that my love of minimalism might be infectious and that mum would be inspired to let some things go. With some nagging, ooops, I mean encouragement, [Read More]