Taking Stock – October

Taking stock October 2017

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun we’ve been back on Aussie terra firma for one month already! Our big trip seems like forever ago. I think we need another holiday! October has been action packed but in all the best ways so let’s take stock, shall we?!

Settling: Back in to real life after an epic trip.

Enjoying: Being home. There’s no place like it.

Sleeping: In my own bed. Bliss!

Peeking: Behind the scenes at hubby’s office. Check out the view from the balcony in the title pic!

Eating: Salad for days. This Fabulous Felafel Salad has been on high rotation.

Fabulous Felafel Salad

Snacking: On carrot sticks and hummus.

Packing: Lunch boxes like a boss.

Upcycling: Left overs for lunch boxes. Waste not, want not!

Surprising: My Italian neighbour with this Thermomix risotto. She gave it her Italian seal of approval!

Thermomix Pumpkin and Spinach Risotto 4

Deciding: On Christmas recipes for the blog. Any requests?

Making:  Zucchini Lasagne. It’s so easy and so delicious, especially with homemade Tomato Pasta Sauce.

Baking: This Banana Slice with Muesli Topping. It’s covered in muesli so I figure it’s almost a health food!

Banana Slice With Muesli Topping 2

Testing: Out lots of new recipes on my colleagues. They’re come from the Keen Bean school of taste testers!

Admiring: Amanda. She’s so inspiring.

Buying: Amanda’s new cookbook – Cooker and a Looker.

Amanda Smyth - she's so inspiring 3

Wondering: Why The Minimalists and James Blunt planned shows on the same day. Wah!

Wishing: I could clone myself and go to both.

Hoping: That The Minimalists add an extra Sydney date. A girl can dream can’t she?

Dressing: Up for Halloween. So much fun!

Halloween Dress Ups

Getting: Into the Halloween spirit, or should I say Halloween wine. Check out those wine labels!

Sending: Thank you cards to people I appreciate – it’s part of this month’s #makelifegood challenge

Receiving: This beautiful box of gifted Aussie goodness from I Still Call Australia Home.

I still call Australia Home gift box

Marvelling: At all the goodies that are inside.

Loving: The chocolate covered licorice – not pictured –  it’s hiding under the Minties!

Thinking: What a great gift idea this would be for friends near and far.

Remembering: All the amazing ice creams I ate in San Francisco!

The Baked Bear - Ice Cream Sandwich 2

Joining: The FMS Gift Exchange. It’s my favourite Christmas tradition.

Needing: To squeeze myself into my one cocktail dress or  buy a new one for the BUPA Blog Awards.

Knowing: That holiday food stayed mere minutes on my lips but will likely spend a lifetime on my hips.

Trying: The new Spring/Summer seasonal menu at The Greens North SydneyThe Beef Carpaccio was a big hit!

Taking Stock - tasting menu at The Greens

Running: Rings around Sydney.

Lamenting: The end of running events at Disneyland, for the next few years anyway. Boo to construction!

Planning: Our next runcation – the 10k at the Cadbury Marathon.

Visiting: The dentist. Argh!

Staying: At Q station for a staycation.

Checking: Out the view from Quarantine Wharf! So pretty!

Taking stock - Quarantine Wharf

Missing: My dishwasher. It’s been out of action for nearly 2 months.

Buying: A new dishwasher if we can’t resurrect the old one.

Coveting: A keep cup for my coffee. Any recommendations?

Learning: How to make sushi – my mum sent me a sushi making kit. Any tips for me?

Opening: The final box of my A Box Of Stationery Club subscription. I can’t wait to join next year!

Taking Stock - A Box Of

Planting:  Flowers in my balcony garden. If they die, I’m giving up gardening for life.

Liking: Longer, lighter evenings.

Disliking: All the construction work in my hood. The whole suburb feels like a building site.

Wearing: My new Care Bears slippers. I will never be too old for anything Care Bears.

Taking stock - Care Bears

Feeling: A tad tired.

Voting: YES!

Walking: The 7 Bridges. Finally!

7 Bridges Walk

Ticking: Another thing off my 101 things in 1001 Days List.

Seeing: Thor in Gold Class. There’s no such thing as too much Chris Hemsworth, amirite or amirite?

Celebrating: My 6th cancerversary with a baby bottle of bubbles.

Drinking: To bubbles, not troubles!

6 year cancerversary - taking stock

Writing: A long overdue and open letter to my thyroid.

Feeling: A bit bereft after finishing my last book, The Woman Who Stole My Life * It was just so good.

Reading: Everything That Remainsby The Minimalists. It’s might fine.

Coveting: The rest of The Minimalists’ books… From the library of course!

Bookmarking: All the things in Nigella Christmas.*

Watching: A combo of all the Offspring we missed, the last season of The Fall and Ozark – the TV trifecta.

Meeting: Rachel from A Nesting Nomad but we were too busy chinwagging for photos.

Catching: Up with all our friends we’ve missed.

Looking forward to: Going to Melbourne for the BUPA Blog Awards. Squee!

So tell me, have you celebrated anything this month? Are you a licorice lover too? What’s cooking in your kitchen?

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