Taking Stock – January 2021

four dogs sitting on bar stools looking at bay

Pinch, punch, first of the month! And burgers and beer, first blog post of the year!  I think that’s the longest bloggy break I’ve ever had. Hope your 2021 is off to a cracking start.

January seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. I spent most of the time looking for my mojo, mustering up some enthusiasm, loving on my dog and as is my mantra these days, taking one day at a time.

I can’t complain though, January was really rather joyful and before I rush feet first into February, I’m going to take stock of the month that was. I’d love it if you joined me! 

Cooking: Lots of fish dishes. This Soy and Sweet Chilli Fish has been on high rotation.

soy and sweet chilli fish with rice and steamed veggies

Bookmarking: All the recipes I want to make in my new Thermomix. 

Jumping: On board with 16:8 intermittent fasting. Fast for 16 hours and have an eating window for 8.

Drinking: Lots of sparkling water and black coffee as a result.

Reading: Some cracking books this month, most notably Honeybee by Craig Silvey and This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay.

Watching: The last season of Cobra Kai – so, so good. I now have a karate shaped hole in my heart. 

Swooning: Over all the regency romance in Bridgerton. It was so hot, it nearly melted the TV!

Wanting: To see the film Penguin Bloom. Remember when I interviewed Sam Bloom? She’s so inspiring.

Looking: For my mojo. I seem to have lost it. If you find it, please let me know.

Sleeping: Badly. 

Celebrating: 18 months of Teddy Roosevelt

dog wearing basketball top

Wasting: A lot of time on my dog’s instagram. It’s my guilty pleasure! 

Enjoying:  Fun with friends of both the hooman and furry variety.

Loving: Chaperoning Teddy on his playdates.

Hosting: Our friend’s two dogs for a play date – so frantic but so fun! 

three cavoodles wearing bandanas

Teaching: Teddy some new tricks. 

Opening: Parcels for Teddy. Online dog shopping is my therapy.

Making: Teddy a new furdrobe for his out of control collection of leads and harnesses. 

dog sitting in teepee in front of furdrobe

Wearing: My mask. 

Washing: Fabric masks. That’s so 2021!

Seeing: Magic Mike Live. It was much tamer than I imagined.

Entrance to Magic Mike Sydney

Spending: Some quality time with quality friends. It’s good for the soul. 

Doing: The hardest puzzle in the world – at least that’s how it feels.

dog breeds puzzle

Waiting: For school holidays to be over so that a getaway is more affordable. 

Disliking: How heaps of tennis players can come to play tennis in Australia but Australian citizens can’t come home. Go figure!

Liking: Daylight savings.

Thinking: Of suitable gifts for all my friends with milestone birthdays this year. Any ideas?

Hoping: That we change the date for Australia Day so we can all celebrate living in the lucky country. 

Discovering: A new local dog friendly beach – it’s Teddy’s happy place.

dog wearing lifeguard rashie at the beach

Trying: Not to watch the news, it’s just too depressing. 

Remembering: This time last year when I was getting ready to go to the UK… What  a difference a year makes. 

Feeling: Incredibly lucky to be living a relatively ‘normal’ life right now. 

harbour views with lush green trees and boats on water

Worrying: About our friends and family in the UK. 

Missing: My mum.

Wishing: I had a magic wand to wave this pandemic away. 

Wondering: Where it’s all going to end…

So that was my January, how was yours?! Did your 2021 get off to a flying start?

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