Taking Stock – July 2022

looking across the harbour to the sydney skyline

I had high hopes for July. The month enjoyed a strong start, a marvellous middle and a bit of a flat (literally and metaphorically,) finish. Still counting my blessings and still taking stock though so I’d love it if you joined me!

Cooking: Not Quite Nigella’s Caprese Chicken Traybake. Highly recommend!

Eating: This amazing Sunday lunch for David’s birthday at The Duke of Clarence.

big slices of roast lamb, broccolini and roast potatoes on a plate with a pot of mint sauce at the front

Drinking: Spicy margaritas. I’ve become very partial to them.

Making: This football birthday cake for David’s 50th.

a smiling man is holding a cavoodle and sitting behind a low coffee table with a soccer pitch birthday cake on it

Baking: These Mandarin and Cranberry Muffins

Putting: Up my teeny tiny Christmas tree. The big tree is in storage in the motherland.

a little pink christmas tree with mini dog decorations

Creating: Some new recipes for the blog. Stay tuned for incoming yum.

Turning: 51. But I still feel about 5 and a half on the inside.

a woman with long blonde hair holding an apricot coloured cavapoo looking at a croissant with a candle placed on a low coffee table

Crawling: Round the breweries of Marrickville for my birthday.

Reflecting: On the last 10 years and how things have changed.

Receiving: Some really thoughtful birthday gifts. I’m a very lucky girl.

looking at back of dogs head as he puts his paw up on to a low table to look at a toy that looks just like him

Noticing: That Teddy was particularly interested in my Teddy doppelganger air freshener!

Finding: It hard to believe that this little nugget turned 3!

apricot cavoodle sitting on a coffee table wearing a glittery blue crown with a number 3 next to a bone shaped cake with a number 3 candle

Celebrating: All the birthdays – David’s 50th, my 51st, Teddy’s 3rd and my mum’s in heaven.

Sharing: The recipe for these quick and easy Hoisin Turkey Noodles.

turkey mince noodle stir fry on blue willow pattern plate with red chopsticks to the side

Weekending: In Newcastle.

Catching: Up with the furmily to celebrate Teddy’s litter’s birthday.

a group of people each holding a cavoodle next to a number 3 balloon

Watching: Minx on Stan, The Flight Attendant on Binge and How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix.

Balling: My eyes out watching CODA on Apple TV. Tissues essential!

Reading: Rachel’s Holiday. I read it so many years ago, it’s like reading a new book!

Finishing: Rachel’s Holiday. I think that’s the first book I finished this year.

Smiling: At Teddy and Scotch Bastille Day twinning!

a small apricot cavoodle and a black and white labradoodle sitting on a grey pet sofa in matching stripy tees and red  berets

Loving: My first nail art.

Playing: Matchy matchy nails with my friend Dionne (Scotch’s mum!)

Liking: Winter sunshine (when it makes an appearance.)

Disliking: All the rain.

Seeing: My lovely dentist for one last time.

Going: To the Blue Mountains. Spoiler alert – the weather was as terrible as last time!

Staying: At this gorgeous Airbnb – probably the loveliest one we have ever stayed in!

Channeling: All the Christmas in July vibes on a cold weekend in the Blue Mountains.

Dining: At Avalon in Katoomba. Of course, I saved some space for the licorice cheesecake!

a slice of licorice cheescake with a a scoop of ice cream on a vintage platef

Falling: Over in Katoomba and cutting my knee open.

Attending: Blue Mountains Hospital Emergency Department as a result.

Getting: Stitched up – 13 stitches to be precise.

Grossing: Myself out with all the wound photos. “insert vomit emoji”

Thinking: I can start a new 1.5 denim fashion trend!

a woman standing outside emergency department wearing black anorak, black ankle boots and 1 and a half trousers, the bottom half of one leg of jeans has been removed and there is a bandage there instead

Needing: To keep my leg elevated to allow the wound to heal.

Feeling: A bit sorry for myself.

Missing: Being able to do things for myself.

Enjoying: All the Teddy cuddles.

Booking: Our tickets to the UK. Eeeep!

Boosting: To the max with my 4th booster shot!

Stressing: Out about all the things we have to do before we leave.

Trying: To work my way through the to-do list.

Ticking: Things off as quickly said list as quickly as I’m adding them.

Checking: Out the houses for rent in the UK.

Bracing: Myself for all the upcoming “lasts.” Pass the tissues!

Marvelling: At the stunning sunsets. It’s definitely a sick bed with a view!

Counting: My blessings.

I’m hoping I’ll be back in business and back on my feet next month! Tell me about your month. I’m all ears!