Home Sweet Home

“There’s simply no bona-fide, genuine excuse for not being super-successful. You control what you become.”

Scott Alexander

The only bad thing about holidays is the part when you have to go home and today is no exception!  We take the scenic route back to Sydney even though there isn’t much to look at except sheets of rain and pea soup fog. Not ideal driving conditions by any stretch of the imagination. However, we’ve set  our hearts on stopping at Kiama, a pretty little seaside town, to see the famous blowhole. Wikipedia says that “the blowhole can spray water up to 25 metres (82 ft) in the air, in quantities that thoroughly drench any bystanders.” We don’t need to get drenched by the blowhole as the rain does a pretty good job of giving us the wet and wild look. We stand and marvel at the blow hole, it’s big, wet and noisy as expected, but it’s much too wet and windy to do little else except take a couple of random photos and then head back to the motor to get warm and stay dry!

The remainder of the journey home is uneventful, just foggy. It’s good to get away but it’s always great to get home. There then follows the usual flurry of unpacking , washing and other mundane homecoming rituals. I’ve got a bit of kitchen withdrawal  going on and I’m also done with eating out for a while. I’m feeling the need to get back to some very healthy eating.

With that in mind, I knock up some Low Fat Hummus and Quick Beetroot Dip for our lunches this week and our meat free mid week favourite  Mexcian Corn and Bean Stew for dinner tonight.  I’ve been itching to make some Stained-Glass  Biscuits and use my new inner and outer cookie cutters  so I give them a go. However, I can safely say that they are an unmitigated disaster. I follow the recipe to the letter but the dough is dastardly and seriously soggy. I even resort to putting it in the freezer to give it some tough love! Cutting the “cookies” was like an endurance test and although they taste alright, David nearly breaks his teeth on the “stained glass” which is in actual fact, a molten boiled sweet. Not one of my crowning kitchen moments that’s for sure. That’s one recipe I’m going to cross off my Christmas list!