Another day, another doctor

My body hurts like hell after the long run home yesterday. Working on the premise, no pain, no gain, I must have gained an awful lot!

It’s a busy day at the office and I have to shoot off early to go and give some more of my blood so the Endo can check my Thyroxin levels. I’m planning to go to Basic Training later but then I remember that I can’t do heavy lifting with that arm for the rest of the day. Will I ever have a better excuse to slack off from the gym? Probably not! Besides, I decide I haven’t the energy or the pain threshold to survive it today, so I give it a miss.

Then it’s off to the GP. I must be getting to be her most regular patient!  I take her and the lovely receptionist, some of my Mixed Berry Buttermilk Muffins. Their afternoon cup of tea would just be too wet without one! I get another referral for the Endo (my other one has expired) and get my blood pressure checked. My BP is perfect today – it feels great to get good news. I take comfort in the fact that at least one part of my body is functioning correctly!

I swing by Nicky’s to say hi and then pop to the shops to get the ingredients for tonight’s feast. We’re adapting Donna Hay’s Simple Chicken Pie, and although dinner’s a long time coming, it’s certainly well worth waiting for! If the Simple Beef Pie is mouth-watering, this pie is postively mouth-foaming! It is like a little piece of pie heaven!

I’m off work tomorrow as I have a date with the prof. I want to stick with tradition and take something baked for Geraldine and co.  I decide to make Chewy Carrot, Oat and Walnut Slice. It’s got carrots in it, so I guess that makes it super healthy, right? I have to say, it tastes yummy but it looks a bit on the shabby side. Slices are nice but I always cut and kill them!

I have to be up uber early for my PT session with Kathy tomorrow but despite my best efforts to hit the sack at a sensible hour, I’m still up to silly o’clock. Sleep pattern – what’s that?!