No Way, Hay!

My early to bed, early to rise strategy is going great guns and I’m bursting with enery and raring to go to Kristy’s 6.15 pump class!  Unfortunately, poor Kristy has a bit of a turn in class and has to have some time out, but luckily, another instructor who is doing the class for fun, comes to the stage, and to our rescue. Rachel, the stand in instructor was really good too. I just might have to try another of her classes. It’s so lucky that our paths cross.

It’s a busy day  and I meet David after work to pick up some provisions because there’s a busy night ahead in the kitchen. I get started on the specialite de la maison Liz’s Sticky Date Pudding which is far and away David’s favourite dessert. I love it because it’s so typically Aussie, easy to make and it never fails to please. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I think I won David’s heart, after he put this in his stomach! What’s more, it’s as delicious cold as it is warm, so it’s perfect for tea time or dessert! It also freezes brilliantly, should you be in the unlikely position of having leftovers.

Finally, Donna Hay’s office finally email me back, but only after I stalk them by email for about a month. The verdict on those dodgy Apricot Tarts is in! The pastry is puff, not shortcrust as stated in the recipe. I get a two liner email  apologising for the typo. I’m a bit peeved that there’s no heartfelt apology and worse still, no free books! Boo! I would do a Donna Boycott, if only her food didn’t taste so good! Can you guess what we’re having for dinner tonight?… Donna Hay’s Almond Roasted Chicken ! Donna Hay, you can’t live with her, you can’t live without her! I’ll just put ye olde tarts down to experience! Anyway the chicken goes down a treat and make a super side of Minted Snow Peas and Asparagus.  I’d made this once before a couple of Christmases ago and had forgotten all about this delicious dish. It’s really fresh, healthy and I realise, iodine free!

By the time I’m done with dinner and have cleaned up all the kitchen chaos I’ve created, it’s almost time to hit the hay! I just have time to register for the Mother’s Day Classic; an awesome 8km run in May. I took part in my first MDC last year only 6 weeks after my first surgery, and raised over $1000 for Breast Cancer. It was a massive milestone on my road to recovery. I can’t wait to do it all again this year, with my running buddies Kathy and Tracey. But this year it’s all about the run. I’m saving all my fundraising efforts and energies for the half marathon in September! Oh yeah! Bring it on!