The After Glow

I’m up and fully wide awake at 4am. My brain is busy and open for business and has no intentions of shutting down. Trying to sleep is like fighting a losing battle so I admit defeat, get up, surf the net and have a nice cup of camomile tea. It doesn’t take me long to wear myself out and I’m back in the land of the nod before the sun wakes up. Thank heavens it’s the weekend; a welcome opportunity to sleep off my insomnia.

We have a long, lazy morning and still basking in our after-anniversary glow, head out for breakfast at Xeno’s. We take our weekly tour of the supermarket and fill the granny trolley to bursting point.

The pumpkins are still at rock bottom prices so I buy a monster and come home to pumpkin wrestle, producing another vat of hearty Pumpkin Soup in the process. In fact, I’ve made so much, that I’m in danger of turning round and orange if I eat it all! I freeze it in individual portions. I hope it will keep me un-orange and in lunches for weeks!

I’m desperate to use up the sour cream that I opened for the Avocado Dip the other day, so I scour my extensive recipe collection for something that tickles my fancy. Finally I settle on Sour Cream and Blueberry Cheesecake Slice as it looks lovely and not too challenging.

I still find time to hit the gym and endure a one hour pump class. I hurt bad, but I’m sure I’ll hurt more tomorrow!

The outlaws are back from their jolly up the coast tonight so we’ve prepared a simple supper. David tries his hand at Chicken Sausage Rolls with Barbecue Sauce which are absolutely delicious. The sauce is especially good. I contribute a home made Coleslaw and that trusty old favourite Ultimate Greek Salad. Scrumptious! The cheesecake is chilling, so we give it a go…and it’s  a champion. What a delicious dessert! It gets our family’s thumbs up!