Hail, King David

My mum is a big advocate of batch baking; eat one, freeze one and save on the energy bills too! So today, I try out the best of British bakes; a Madeira Cake and a Cherry Cake from the cookbook that [Read More]

Madeira Cake

This traditional British cake makes me super nostalgic. Who can resist that light vanilla sponge with just a hint of lemon? Not me, that's for sure. In fact, Madeira cake reminds me of my Auntie [Read More]

Old -Fashioned Cherry Cake

This simple loaf cake is cherry delicious! Mary Berry says that the secret of a good cherry cake is to have the fruit evenly distributed rather than it all sinking to the bottom. I've never quite [Read More]

Shop til you Drop

 I am getting used to this lie in lark. But I can't slouch around for too long...today we're heading out for some retail therapy. It takes us about 10 minutes to drive to the city and about 40 minutes [Read More]

Lost in Lincoln!

  While mother takes the dog for a walk, I prepare tonight's dinner which comes courtesy of the slow cooker. I'm recycling lots of recipes from the blog chez maman - I just pop the computer on [Read More]

Two of my Favourite Things

I sleep like a log and wake up feeling really refreshed. Now it's time to get back to business! I spend the morning doing two of my favourite things; running and baking. Sydney is an ace place to [Read More]

Old Fashioned Walnut Cake

This cake is an oldie but a goodie. I've updated the recipe with some new pics and put the traditional recipe and the Thermomix conversion all in one place. You're welcome. Nuts are really good for [Read More]

Maison Mummy

I sleep long, hard and deliriously deeply! There's nothing like a bit of jet lag to guarantee a good night's sleep! I'm too excited to lie in for long, I'm off to my mum's today! Yay! Taking the [Read More]

Back in Britain

I wake up after another one of those interval naps but there's still three hours to my destination... just enough time to squeeze in one more movie, The Iron Lady. I can't believe that even this film [Read More]

Homeward Bound

It's a landmark day today. One year to the day since my first op to remove "Adam" my first and oh-so-tiny cancer and it's the day that I finally get to go on the homecoming tour, that I had to cancel [Read More]