I Can’t Keep Out of the Kitchen!

I can’t just stay out of the kitchen today. We made last minute plans to go to Nicky’s for tea, and what can I take when I have no time to bake? I know! Some super-yum, super-speedyBiscuit Fudge Slice. Go to the larder, grab what you need and go! I leave my slice to set in the fridge while I pop over to the gym and pump to the max.

Mid-morning, we can’t resist a quick visit to the mall for some retail therapy and spoil ourselves in the sales, splashing out on some new towels and some more dotty crockery for our collection. Our crockery cupboard has never looked so colourful!

I just have time to pop some Kumara and Polenta Sour Cream Muffins into the oven, while David taste tests and makes good inroads into the Biscuit Fudge Slice.  The muffins are best served warm with butter, so we take some, direct from the oven to Nicky’s, with the slice; it’s good to have some sweet and savoury. Who doesn’t like a bit of both?!

It’s great catching up with Nicky and Vince; we only live around the corner yet we only get to touch base about once every six months. Life just takes over! After our meet and greet, I’m back in the kitchen preparing some Crispy Cajun Onion Rings for a twilight snack. I’m so stoked to find this recipe, because now I can enjoy one of my favourite snacks, for half the fat and  half the calories!

There’s a short stint on the sofa, before I’m back making more mess in the kitchen with some Healthy Super Slaw for supper. We do dinner as a duo tonight and given our recent penchant for pies, try ones with Pea and Cream Cheese. David is the Prince of Pastry and the King of the Kitchen tonight, and serves up a seriously scrumptious supper.

After all the mixing up, serving up, clearing up and eating up, it’s time to put my tootsies up!