Lolli Redini Mini Madelines

Makes 18 All good things come in small sizes and these madelines are no exception. If you can get your hands on a baby madeline tray, you too can enjoy a taste of Orange  – wherever you may be! [Read More]

Run this Town

What can be better than running alone? Running with friends! Today, Kitty and I down tools on the dot and pop out for a run. It's a glorious afternoon for a run in the winter sun. It's not exactly a [Read More]

Olive Tuna Pasta a la Thermie

Serves 4 We've tried a lot of tuna pasta variations in our time, but this one is the best by far! The wine and lemon add some real subtlety to the velvety smooth sauce. What a marvellous midweek [Read More]

Food for Thought: Top Tip 5

5. Eat colours The more colourful your plate is with natural colour, the healthier it is likely to be. It's so easy to do this, add some tomatoes (canned or fresh) to your recipes, or why not bung [Read More]

Chilli Jam Beef Noodles

Serves 6 Chilli jam is the hero of this fast and fabulous stir fry and look only 4 ingredients! This stir fry is super quick, super colourful and super tasty. Chilli jam can be found at speciality [Read More]

No Regrets

Life is full of regrets. But the good thing about exercise, is that you never regret it! I really want to run after work but I'm just not feeling it. I know if I don't drag my lazy self outside, I'll [Read More]

Pumpkin Passion Cupcakes

Serves 12 Pumpkin and cinnamon are the heroes of these magically moist cupcakes!  This recipe has had a bit of a makeover, with some new snaps and the welcome addition of a Thermomix [Read More]

Food for Thought: Top Tip 4

4. Choose Whole Grains Cindy explains that grains are just the seeds of cereal plants. The seeds have 3 parts; bran  (the fibre rich outer layer,) endosperm (the middle starchy layer,) and [Read More]


The worst thing about weekends is that they are over way too quickly, especially long, lovely ones such as this! We check out of the hotel and head out of town. Orange, you've been awesome! We take [Read More]

Slow Cooker Chicken Couscous

Serves 4 Gee, I love my slow cooker! And this one pot wonder ticks all the boxes. It's quick (at least by slow cooker standards) low fat, healthy and needs new accompaniments. Oh and did I say [Read More]