Going Down

It's July 25.  One of my students really gets into the Christmas in July spirit and brings a box of "Christmas" chocolates to share with us. It gives Wednesday a totally festive feel! There's lots [Read More]

Coconut Ice Frosting

  This frosting is pretty as a picture, pretty delicious and tasted pretty much like coconut ice, just in frosting form! This frosting is so quick and easy to make. I love to serve it atop [Read More]

Weighting and Baking

My back is better, so much so, that I feel brave enough to venture back to pump. I lift a fraction of my usual weights but I feel stronger already. Man, I've missed this! The Feeder Programme is [Read More]

Melt and Mix Chocolate Cake

This delicious chocolate cake is one of the first recipes I ever tried in my Thermomix. You won't be surprised to learn that the first recipe I tried was a cake but you might be surprised to learn [Read More]

A Pub2Pub Purpose

Today I'm thinking about that quote from Avenue Q; "everyone needs a purpose." And no one needs one more than ME! After my two second shortfall yesterday at the Sutherland to Surf, I feel like a [Read More]

Roasted Fennel

Serves 4 We love this simple side. Hooray for fabulous fennel! Ingredients 2 fennel bulbs (thick base of stalk, stalks cut off, bulbs halved lengthwise, then cut lengthwise in 1-inch thick [Read More]

Running in the Rain

I'm awake before the sun this morning. 5.30am to be precise! Hooray it's race day! Today I'm taking part in my second Sutherland to Surf. It's an excellent 11km route that winds it's way through the [Read More]

Pre-Race Saturday

I have a Saturday sleep-in but the lull in activity doesn't last long. Sure enough, I'm making a mess in the kitchen and getting my bundt in the oven with the yummy Apple and Spice Cake  and all by [Read More]

Apple and Spice Cake

Serves 8 In the olden days, before I was a wannabe minimalist, I used to buy my favourite magazines and tear out the recipes and file them away religiously. This was a reader recipe from the [Read More]

Indian Potato Pie

Serves 6 This impressive vegetarian pie is really versatile - it tastes great hot, warm or cold, so you can make it well ahead. It's full of carbs, but is packed with veggies and will be loved by [Read More]