Carb Loading

Health and HopeIt’s the morning after the night before and the day before race day which means it’s time for some serious carb loading! I start as I mean to go on and have a big breakfast with the boys from Newcastles. There’s David of course, and our friend Jamie, who drove down for the party from Newcastle down under. It always tickles me when they’re together, two boys from two Newcastles! Breakfast is good – full of coffee, carbs and camaraderie!

Jamie heads back home after our feed and David and I go off to forage for food. My lovely friend Heather has given me a Nike voucher that is burning a hole in my pocket and I’m desperate for new threads to match my new treads for my race tomorrow. We head off to our local Nike shop and find some cool kit and I’m looking hot to trot!

After we have an adventure to the big supermarket a couple of suburbs away. We’re like two little rabbits caught in headlights! The wide choice and varied selection of goods are just mind bloggingly good. We are very restrained and stick to our list religiously but just like the terminator, “we’ll be back!”

All that shopping has worked up quite an appetite, so back at the ranch, I throw some leeks and potatoes into my beloved Thermomix, just like this

Turn these veggies into...

…and produce some Potato and Leek Soup a la Thermie  in a matter of minutes. It’s that easy and that delicious!

Thermomix Leek and Potato Soup

Anton came to David’s doo last night but was a bit under the weather. We’re swinging by Goblin his new cafe venture tomorrow, and I don’t want to go empty handed. I don’t have time to do Sandra’s Champion Chicken Soup which would be just what the doctor ordered, but I do have time to melt and mix, Biscuit Fudge Slice  which I’m sure will suffice! It’s quick and easy and is guaranteed to hit the spot!

I take a break and enjoy a little Masterchef marathon on the sofa which inspires me to carb load with gusto. Tonight for dinner we adapt a Donna Hay recipe Simple Salmon Pies. It’s fishy, fabulous and full of carbs. This will set me up nicely for 10km of run and sun tomorrow, I’m sure!