Mango and Orange Sorbet

Serves 4 It's been so hot and humid here in sunny Sydney that we've been cooling down with some sensational sorbets. This is our favourite  flavour. It's really refreshing and tastes like [Read More]

CST (Christmas Saving Time)

Well the silly season has so taken me by surprise this year. My preparations are sadly lacking, as is time, and as are my energy levels! Usually I send a whole collection of cards, purchase a [Read More]

Date and LSA Muffins

Makes 12 These little beauties contain LSA, a combination of linseed (flaxseed), sunflower seed and almond, which is made into a ground meal. It's packed with fibre and protein, so eating one of [Read More]

Eating Out – Universal

I have a friend whose godmother came to visit from far, far away. She wasn't a fairy godmother, but she was a very rich godmother, and treated my friend to some fantastic feeds at the very best [Read More]

Too Much Day in My Days

As  Loulou from Here I am Loulou says, sometimes there is just not enough day in the day! I know exactly what she means! I think that's been my thought for the day, every day, this week. My friend [Read More]

A Cooking Class with Festive Flavours

I am super excited because I finally get to go to my first ever Thermomix Cooking Class! And not any ordinary Thermomix Cooking Class either, this cooking class has  a festive flavour! I am such a [Read More]

Thermomix 30 Second Whole Orange Cake

Cuts into 10 slices This is one of my favourites from the Thermomix Recipe Community and it's  probably the fastest cake to make in the world! In fact, it took me longer to prepare the tin than to [Read More]

Brain and Name

I'm always telling my peeps, you have to be in it to win it, and lately, I've been practising what I preach. For starters, I got the  lottery syndicate at work up and running, which if all goes [Read More]

Happy Birthday Blog!

I can hardly believe it, but it's blog's birthday! Happy Birthday Blog! 1 year old today... well, kind of. I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the exact date that my ramblings first made it out into [Read More]

Tash’s Thermomix Rich Chocolate Cake

Cuts into 10 slices This cake is more dessert than teatime treat and it's rich, dark and full of fudgy delicious. I discovered Tash's recipe on Facebook not long after I got my Thermomix. [Read More]