Thermomix Naughty Chocolate Fudge Cake

Serves 8 This cake is super light, super easy, super quick and super fluffy with or without a Thermomix!  Here's the conversion but the regular recipe is right here. The golden syrup gives the cake [Read More]

Funny Bunnies

Hooray it's the long weekend! I'm so busy with boxes that time and energy is at a bit thin on the ground. Still, I managed to make some minutes to bake myself happy. Besides, it's Easter and I will [Read More]

Eating In – the New Eating Out?

The novelty of packing boxes has worn off and it's safe to say  I wouldn't be sad if I never looked another brown box again. Packing is hard and hungry work. It's also pretty tiring. When I'm tired, [Read More]

Good Morning, World!

I can't say I love getting up early in the mornings, I just do. Early rising is rather a pleasurable habit to have in the land of Oz where the sun shines so much, it's  quite a treat to get up, out [Read More]

Meatless Monday – Karma Burgers

I first saw this recipe in The Karma Chow  a super awesome vegan cookbook when we first dabbled with plant based recipes. It's been a while inbetween burgers and since then I have I tweaked the recipe [Read More]

Eating out – Sakala

Halfway through our week in Bali, we decided to embark on a bit of a culinary adventure at Sakala.  As Bali Eats named it Bali's best new fine dining restaurant in 2011, the menu made our mouths water [Read More]

The Secret I Didn’t Want to Keep

I have a confession to make. I've been keeping a secret... which is a surprise in itself, as secrets are things I am not very keen on keeping.  Honesty is one of my favourite things. It's not that I [Read More]