Thermomix Melt and Mix Honey Cake

Serves 10-12 It's Jewish New Year. Traditionally, this is a time to eat apples and honey to bring on a sweet new year. You don't have to be Jewish or wait for New Year to make this cake! This is [Read More]

So long, Sam

About 16 years ago, me and my mum took a trip to Battersea Dog's Home. We looked at a lot of dogs that day. We were like the Goldilocks' of the Dogs Home, all the dogs were either too big, too small, [Read More]

Number One Single

Father's Day has always been a bit of a non event in our house because I haven't got a dad. Technically I do, but since he bailed out when I was but just a tiny seed in my mum's tummy, I don't [Read More]