Taking Stock – February

Taking Stock February 2017

Oh my goodness, February flew by fast. It’s been an action packed month, but before we march into March, let’s take stock,  just like Pip did. Here’s what went down…

Baking: All things peachy. Peaches are so “in” right now. We’ve fallen in love with this Lemony Peach Cake all over again!

Lemony Peach cake 3

Snacking: On banana and peanut butter. It’s my new old favourite thing! I cut the banana in half length ways, spread some peanut butter on it and then sandwich it together. So much yum!

Loving: Our new Yumbox. It’s the little things that make me happy!

Making: Lunch boxes like a boss. The Yumbox makes it so easy!

Yumbox adult lunch

Coveting: More yumboxes. I would love to try the Tapas next.

Reading: I was reading Notes From a Small Island  by Bill Bryson but I had to return it to the library half way through. Devastated! Have started the The Marble Collector by Celia Ahern. I like it but not as much as I love Bill!

Remembering: Our wedding, this month, ten years ago. Double digits!

10 on 10 wedding

Finishing: The Minimalism Game. It’s been a bit tricky at the pointy end. Let’s just say I’m pleased February has only 28 days!

Drinking: Iced fruit tea. It’s my new healthy alternative to wine and I can drink it anytime and anywhere now I have this gorgeous tea flask from A Box Of.

Tea flask - A Box Of

Eating: Our way around Melbourne. We only had 48 hours but we crammed a lot in (literally. ) The donuts were one of the edible highlights!

Discovering: Some of the best places to eat and drink in Melbourne. And finding the best donuts! I’m all about the donuts!

48 hours in Melbourne Donut van

Wanting: To bring the She’s So Inspiring series back to the blog. If you know someone who is inspiring, please drop me a line and tell me about them!

Feeling: The Love. February is the month for it, what with Galentine’s, Valentine’s and our anniversary!

Wearing: My heart on my hands because February is the month of love.

Where to eat, drink and stay in Melbourne - Madame Brussels 2

Booking: Our accommodation for our big trip this year – a hotel and Air BnB combo.

Opening: My books. I’m finally knuckling down to some study.

Running: Around the Northern Beaches in this year’s Sun Run.

Sun Run 2017

Missing: Running. It’s been so horribly hot, I haven’t been able to think about a run, let alone go for a run since the Sun Run. Bring on the cool change that’s what I say.

Listening: To The Minimalists podcast.  Still. I’ll never get bored of those guys!

Liking: The cool change. In the words of Jon Snow, winter is coming… But first it’s Autumn and that’s my favourite.

Disliking: That my balcony garden has turned into a eat-all-you-can caterpillar buffet. Not happy, Jan.

Helping: At the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Our team totally outdid ourselves on lunch duty this month. I took the Pumpkin, Lentil and Bean One Pot with Fig Raita and it went down a treat. And how about that spoon? SWOON!

Squash, lentil and bean one pot

Learning: To ride a bike. 

Needing: A lot more practice.

Admiring: Anyone who can ride a bike and especially the instructors at Sydney Cycleways. They have unending patience and some serious skillz!

Deciding: Which bike to buy. I have no idea what’s good for beginners.

Wishing: I’d taken my training wheels off a bit earlier! As in like, 40 years earlier.

Bookmarking: So many recipes in Simply Nigella

Trying: So many of the delicious recipes from Simply Nigella. So far, I can tick the two ingredient, gluten free Nutella Brownies, the Oven-Cooked Chicken Shawarma and the Sweet Potato and Chickpea Dip off the list!

Nigella's Nutella Brownies

Wondering: Which Nigella recipe I’ll try next.

Enjoying: Going to work. For realz.

Knowing: That love is all around. Even in my pickle!

Taking stock love is all around

Meeting: My friend’s new baby for the first time. So tiny and so cute!

Buying: These gorgeous milestone cards for the new arrival.

Loving: The amazing customer service from Hannah. I was late getting my gift together but she sent my gift (along with a beautiful hand made card and note) the same day which was delivered the next! Above and beyond would be an understatement!

Hannah Dean Designs Baby Milestone Cards

Sending: Good vibes to my mum who has just celebrated her two month hospital-a-versary.

Hoping: Mum gets to break out of the hospital and get home soon.

Waiting: To book flights to the mother country. Yep, still on standby.

Watching: All the documentaries. This month’s favourite is The Barklay Marathons – The Race That Eats It’s Young. It’s a cracker!

Marvelling: At the course and the characters that make the Barklay Marathons the Barklay Marathons.

Seeing: Lion in Gold Class. Now I need to read the book and take out shares in Kleenex!

Looking forward to: Autumn. It’s my Goldilocks season, not too hot, not too cold, just right!

So tell me, what’s your favourite season? I need a new TV show to watch, so what should I binge watch next? What was the last movie you saw at the flicks? Any idea of what kind of bike I should buy (apart from one with three wheels)? What was your February highlight? Tell me all the things!

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