Taking Stock – August

Taking stock - Augsut 2017

Despite a sickly start, August turned out to be pretty awesome. And here’s why. Let’s take stock like Pip did!

Baking: This Plum and Orange Baked Cheesecake. So easy but so yum!

Plum and orange cheesecake 5

Making: My own pasta sauce. Once you’ve made your own, you’ll never go back to shop bought.

Drinking: Homemade own almond milk. It’s the business.

Cooking: This Turkey, Pesto and Ricotta Lasagne. It’s amaze!

Turkey pesto and ricotta lasagne

Eating: Everything that’s left in the freezer.

Snacking: On this yummy hummus (still) – low in fat, HUGE on taste!

Remembering: All the fabulous food we had in Toronto – it’s definitely Destination Delicious!

20 places to eat and drink in Toronto - Dirty Bird

Admiring: Talya. She’s so inspiring!

Watching: Finished Line of Duty. So good! Currently crushing on Atypical.

Reading: Jojo Moyes’ Ship of Brides*. Such a lovely read.

Needing: To catch up on all the Game of Thrones we’ve missed before we go away!

Listening: To One Republic. Just got tickets to see them in Anaheim. Squee!

Enjoying: Relief work. Especially when my co-workers are such cake enthusiasts.

Sharing: Cake with my colleagues. This Chocolate, Cranberry and Coconut No Bake Slice was a big hit.

Choc, Coconut and Cranberry No Bake Slice 4

Spending: The first third of the month under the weather. Boo.

Taking: Armaforce. Keeping germs at bay with one torpedo tablet at a time!

Training: For the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

Running:  From Sydney to Disney.

Swapping: Views of the Harbour Bridge for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Taking Stock August 17 bridge

Planning: The Disneyland itinerary – Sleep, eat, run, repeat. And… See One Republic.

Packing: Everything but the kitchen sink.

Adding: More things to my packing pile when I know I should be taking away.

Delegating: All packing duties to David. Not only he is a cake boss, he’s also a packing ninja.

Crafting: Our costumes for the Monsters Inc 10k.

Taking Stock August 17 Monsters Inc

Checking: Things off lists. I’ve got lists for lists for this trip.

Finding: Things to see, eat and do in San Diego.

Booking: All the holiday things.

Loving: My new Kikki K travel notebeook sick.

Taking Stock August 17 1

Buying: A foldaway backpack. It’s my go-to travel accessory. What’s yours?

Trying: To walk 10,000 steps every day with varying degrees of success.

Wondering: How they managed in the olden days without a dishwasher. I’m at my wits end after a month.

Considering: A kitchen reno. It’s time to turn Brown Town into White City!

Hosting: Our favourite furry friend Mochi,  for a sleepover.

Taking Stock August 2017 Mochi

Matching: Our house guest to our bed linen.

Walking: With a dog is so much fun!

Wishing: The Australian government would get with the system.

Wanting: Marriage equality for all. What’s to debate?

Knowing: That love is love, whatever your sexual orientation.

Voting: YES!

Thinking: Of 122 million other ways the government could spend 122 million dollars. (Other than on a plebiscite.)

Celebrating: My godson’s 3rd birthday with the epic  Lion Guard Birthday Cake.

How to make a lion guard cake 7

Wearing: Lip gloss for days. My lips are so dry!

Binging: On Netflix.

Helping: Out at the Asylum Seekers Centre.

Liking: Winter sunshine.

Disliking: The news. My emotional raincoat has been on high rotation.

Pondering: When one is eating scones, should one cream then jam, or jam then cream? Teatime dilemmas.

Taking Stock August 2017 3

Feeling: So excited I could jive with a jelly baby.

Looking forward to: Holidays.

Leaving: On a jet plane.

Was your August full of awesome? I hope so. Can you pack like a ninja? Got a top travel tip to share? What should I read/watch next? Tell me all the things!

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